The '010 Scottsmas Card

Three Ho's some candy cane and a box of your best wine please, garcon.  It's that time of year, once more. We're having an unnatural Australian Xmas - as long as I'm alive, it will never be ok that Xmas Day is hot! So do as I do and crank that AC up and throw on a coat! Make the hot turkey dinner make sense.

But really, the day isn't about the weather or the food. It's about presents! Presents for me! Me! B's been good, he gets a look in this year.  Ditto them two. Cheeky wee minxes. They're getting to that age where we have a floor littered with instruction manuals, screw drivers, extra bolts and a emergency pack of bandaids.

Lucky for YOU we've taken all the frustration out of YOUR Xmas morning. Click the link below for our festive online card. You may begin the thank-you's, now.

Merry, Hairy, Happy Drew Carrey Day! Be safe, stay sane and re-gift like a maniac!

lotsa love,

fahey, Ben, Spike and Morrison xoox


Click here for the Xmas 2010 slideshow...

1. click the first pic to open the gallery.

2. there will be a prize for the person who

guesses the most languages.

3. behold and bewonder!

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