The '011 Scottsmas Card

This year we decided to make a video for our holiday card!  And by We, I mean fahey.  And by decided, I mean "ran out of time for anything else".

It's been a wild 'n wacky year - a new house, new job, 2 new cars, and a brand new outlook on the complex geo-political issues facing the world in the coming years during which "House" will no longer be airing.

Spike Riley 'graduated' from his 4yr old kinder with honours in gluing and firm degree in "truck races". He is very excited about Big School next year, which he will be attending with his best buddy, Mackenzie. Their teacher is a hottie from Minnesota, so we're all looking forward to that one.

Morrison Flynn has discovered his personality button and has busted the thing off. He's finally talking up a blue streak and likes to sing. He remains completely enamoured of babies, puppies & food. He may or may not attend 3yr old kinder next year... we'll just play it by ear.

fahey continues to write, think about funny things and tell them to strangers. Maybe a return to the standup stage in '012? We'll see.  But for now, a book and the usual stuff. Plus there's all that bare armed cobra fighting she does in her spare time. Ben continues further education, a new job and a demanding family. He would take up skeet shooting but he's not American enough to love guns that much, nor Arthur enough to really hate those plates.

Through it all, we remain the closest thing Mace Court has to a mixed-race family - Yank and Aussie...

Any who!  Here we are. Get some Xmas in ya. Thank your Ma for the presents and don't forget what this day is really all about. Yes, the presents *fahey* gets.  Thank you.

Note: Ben's big scene in this short, which he describes only as "the role I was born to play", was for the kids so gripping and enthralling, they continued reprising their own versions for the rest of the day.  Some of their 'dramatic interpretations' appear after the credtis, Hal-Needham-style...

lotsa love,

fahey, Ben, Spike and Morrison xoox

(click HERE for an alternate link to the video if there's a problem with YouTube!)


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