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You know what kills crocodiles, daddy? Poison.

(watches 60+ yr old man in his front yard) "Oh, thats sad.
That man doesn't have kids so he has to do his own bins." 

When I'm 45 can I change my name, cause I'll be 1/2 way thru my life by then.
What will you call yourself?
Allier-Bay Marcher-Simpson.

I'm as careful as gold...

He is his mother's son. He loves water and snow. Not necessarily in that order but the two are hard to separate most days. Even as we leave the snow, his heart breaking over the pain in his frozen, wet feet, 
"But when, when can we come back?"


He is also, his father's son. Dad and lad have been playing intricate critical thinking and deductive reasoning games on the internet machines. Ball Factory/Factory Balls, beg pard! is the latest fave. Go have a gander. Seems innocuous at first glance, right? Keep going. He's worked his way through the first two entire series!  Brainy, reasoned, intricate games.  Be buggered if I've got that much patience! Even Ben has been impressed with how well he's done, working through the puzzles. Go Spike! 


"Beware, however, if you are relying on him as your only news source. Things might start to get a little muddy... Before the Olympics started, we were discussing it all. The fact that it's the best athletes from each sport all getting together to represent their own countries to decide who was actually the best in the whole world. "Lots of different sports", I say. "Like swimming, running, shotput, long jump, diving, soccer..." "SOCCER?! But I'm the best at soccer! Am I going to the Olympics?!"

I might point out here, he doesn't actually play soccer, but by jingoes, the day he takes it up - watch out Beckham!

To say he thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics, "Australia are in front!" (the 250mt marker of the rowing) "Australia are fifth! (the 1st lap of the 5000mt's) "I can't see Australia! (the marathon) would be flippant. Like I said, he's his mother's son.

Spike is very birthday-centric this year. And I thought he had focus, last year?! We are in perpetual countdown and it's looming, ever closer we are assured. His little buddies are all turning 6 already. We've had the gym party, the old fashioned at home party, the enemy of ear drum health, the Play Centre Party and this weekend we're going roller skating... I'm fairly confident he will spend most of the afternoon cornering Mikayla's friends to tell them all about HIS plans for his October 10th party. Suffer in yer jocks, little kids! Suffer In Them Jocks! :-)


Aside from being a natural born soccer freak, he's also turned his hand to photography. When I say that I mean, he wants to hold whatever camera/phone/recording device he can get his hands on to "take a picture" He doesn't have a bad eye! He understands framing and where the light should be to get the best snap. That doesn't stop him taking blurry photos of his fingers it just means he wont relinquish the camera til he's got the shot he wanted.

He's funny, articulate, intelligent and challenging. But I think it's clear, his real future lies with his natural, fluid ability to lose himself in, interpretive dance.


There's bound to be an Arts Council Grant in him somewhere?!

Spike's Mom xxx



Spike had a balance bike. We got it to avoid the transition from little kids bike to big bike with training wheels.

What we neglected to take into account was the weight and height of the new bike meant he couldn't reach the ground from his seat. He needed training wheels!  It didn't go over well.

Ben took off the back reflector and lowered the seat. Voila! No need for those pesky training wheels... but he IS going to need some upper body strength and toning exercises to lift his four tonne bike! "Get to the bench press, young lad!"

But for now, he's OFF!

Just ask him, he'll tell all about his ability to do "Awesome Skids!"


Boys n bikes. Not a lot goes better together.

Spike's Mum and Major Knee Bandager xx



Looney Tunes cartoons are in heavy rotation in this house. The Road Runner is the firm favourite right now. Spike has become obsessed with all the explosions (oh Roger Explosion, you're my favourite kind of explosion). 

He has grand ideas and makes wild, rambling plans so B asked him to get them down on paper before he shared [bored] us with the minutiae... :-)

So here's the plans, in his own words and diagrams.

"The Road Runner is SO funny. The funniest one is when he goes SO fast, he leaves his own shaped cloud behind him and he says, "Meep meep!" The Coyote can't ever catch him. It's really hilarious."

Hilarious, indeed. :-) 

We've witnessed them both (the Spikeinator and his wee enfant de mêmes parents) watch the TV and act out the action live, in the playroom. You should have seen the carnage that followed the Coyote loading himself into a giant spring up against the side of a mountain... :-)

The Road Runner has endured the passage of time with almost zero need for explanation or plot solving. Unlike, Mr Bean for instance who requires more 'pause' time while you explain what Rabbit Ear Aerials were for on tiny TV's inside an apartment and why electricity was run off a coin operated timer in some of London's older apartment blocks, than actual time spent playing from start to finish. Although, the episode where he painted his apartment by placing a stick of dynamite in the tin of paint was almost, uninterrupted.

Blowin' shit up, it's timeless!

Looney Tunes was probably one of my favourite shows as a kid, as it was for B. It's pretty sweet to pass down that silly legacy and watch it again with new, green eyes.

Spike's Mum Team Daffy. xxx


Tooth Fairy

It starts with a, "Hey! Look, I can wobble my tooth!"


"Yup, it's wobbly alright." Said the nice dentist man.  "That will be $55 please."

"That's ok, Spike." I said. "This is exactly why we have Mo. When your tooth falls out, we can just replace it with one of Morrison's shiny, tough teeth."

Spike assured me, he could grow some more of his own.  "I really don't need Mo's teeth, besides, he's still using them."

Why'd we bother to have a back-up baby, any way? Hmph!

It wobbled. It lurched. It leaned. It hanged. It survived a vigorous encounter with a corn cob, some BBQ, rough housing with his brother and a maybe-not-quite-accidental-elbow-to-the-moosh from his Mother. But was finally thwarted by a vegemite toast.

"Hey! HEY! My skin finally let go!"


A chorus of EWWW EWWWW!! Filled the house. "I can't wait to show Nana and Papa! And Tild and Angus! And I sure have got some show and tell for Monday! Dad, DAD! Guess what?!"

We've never discussed the Tooth Fairy. The same way we have never discussed Santa or his real father.

"I 'm probably going to get money from the Tooth Fairy!"

"It might be a gift certificate."

"No Dad, it will be money.  Hey Mo! Look!"

The Tooth Fairy left a crisp $1USD, his pocket money is already Australian coinage.

"Mum, look! The Tooth Fairy gave me a dollar! It was on the floor near my bed, she must have dropped it!"

(or someone rolled over and moved his pillow during the night!)

The tooth next to the gap is wobbly too. 

Wonder what the Tooth Fairy will make of that?

The Tooth Fairy's Broker xx




Class of '012

Wow, so that happened. 

Pretty sure he was in a bunny rug yesterday, all toothless and be-mohawked.

Now, it's all THIS! 

Of course he was all like, "Hi, I'm here." and they were all like, "Yay, we know!" and he eyed off his new sexy young teacher and said, "You're kickinl!" and she was all like, "Yeah, I know."

Like the proverbial blunt-billed waterbird to one of the four elements.

He's got some new buddies, Drew, Boyd, Jack & James. Mackenzie is there, of course! The class houses, Bunny, the octopus (Ok, it's a bunny) and Mo, if he can maintain his undercover attitude.

He said after the first day on the way home, "So, how long do I have to do that for?"

Me: "Seven years there, then six more at high school..."

S: "That's 13."

Me: "Yes, then more if you want to go to university."

Quiet silence.

S: "That sure is a lot. But weekends off, right?"

Me: "Yup, weekends off."


We've got a school kid in our house. Holy crap.  Actually, we've got two but that's another story.


Spike's Non-Canteen Mum. xxoo