christmas experience

Daddy: "What do you want for Xmas, Spike?"

Spike: "Hmmm, I don't want a present, I want an experience."

Ooookay. Don't worry, when asked by his mother a few days later, he had quite a hefty list of shit to add. Most of which started with 'i' Pod, Phone, Pad... how about, iSmack? But no, he wanted an experience "instead of a present".

Go Carting it is!

Xmas morning, his brother got the telescope he'd been angling for (it's a little too complicated for him... and us! eep!) and there was a Lego table absolutely brimming with Lego and pinned to the tree was a gift certificate, "Hey Spike, wanna drive?"

A couple of days after xmas, we trekked across town to the wetlands where the serene sounds of squealing petrol engines peeling around four different bitumen tracks can be heard off in the distance. Fun!

The kids got to drive their own Daytona electric cars (two speeds, walking pace and running pace). There were crashes, prangs and mild baby whiplash. heh! But all eyes were on the big tracks... with the big cars.

We all suited up, Mo and I and Spike and Daddy. Lots of searching for XL helmets. The kids were in a cart before we could say, "Are you ready?"

The Rimo Evo6 Carts are 200CC 8.5 HP beasts reaching speeds up to 80kph with what I'm assured is, 'flexible steering'. If by flexible they mean fighting a small animal in a Hessian bag to turn a corner then yes, it is flexible.

We whipped around the course, the kids whooping and screaming! Mo, urging me to go faster and faster. Delight emanating as we passed Daddy and Spike, wedged into a tyre wall. "Bye-bye you guys! Go faster, Mummy. Go, go, go!"

The boys had another turn on the 'little kids' track. But by now, they were spoilt by velocity and speed. There were two other kids on the track and we watched as our über competitive eldest born aggressively took corners, determined to get in front. The younger boy, leaning in to his corners as he whipped around the back straight not exactly driving like a gentleman his ownself.

It was a good day! As we walked back to our sedentary Cube, to drive home at legal speeds Spike was already planning his next trip - dribbling with anticipation as he'd be old enough and tall enough to drive the next cart up - the Mini Rivo petrol powered cart (with acheivable speeds of 20kph) on the Rimo track with the 'wicked hairpin turn'.

When we got home and checked Twitter, we heard about Michael Schumacher.

Go Carting, as a Xmas Experience is highly recommended.

Spike's Mum xx


seven; it's the new black


Yes, Seven. Not only the name George Costanza wanted to bestow upon his newborn, but also the age of our primogeniture. Seven. Insane!

Spike's party this year was at Rampit! Rampit! is an airport-hanger-sized indoor skate park. Full of plywood ramps, rails, jumps, deep pits filled with foam (and one can only assume, the bones of long forgotten children). The testosterone laden boymen all hurtling towards each other at full tilt!  There was some oestrogen in the building, mostly in the guise of mothers huddled around steaming coffee cups and the smattering of smaller versions also be-scootered, pitting their formidable skills against the sea of XY chromosomes on wheels. Go XX! (laaadies? looking for a husband.... have I got a place for you!) 

The kids were helmeted up and let loose. Matty, Cam, Will, Charlie, Bella, Izzy, Bodhi, Holly, Becca, Oscar, Spike and Morrison (of course!). All the kids arrived with a full compliment of limbs, all left in a similar condition. I got my bond back, is all I'm saying.

What did our gorgeous, hirsute heir to the family fortune want for his birthday? A speedboat? A private army of Helper Monkeys? A treetop fortress complete with canons in each turret? No. A haircut. He wanted a haircut. A short, haircut.

His mother weeps.

Much change from six to seven? Well, now he's in Grade One. Taught admirably by the very switched on Mrs C. He can rock a pair of skinny jeans and (now) a do that requires hair gel. He is (getting better at) playing guitar (we get a LOT of 'Wild Thing' while he's supposed to be practicing his chords). Thanks Mark! Saturdays see him back to running, jumping and biffin' the heavy things of Little Athletics and he's very into 'playing footy' with his buddies at school lunchtime. He's learning Italian, Mandarin and has mastered, Showing Off. He's most definitely funny. Uber competitive. Loving. Caring. Determined. Embarrassed to kiss his mother at the school gate. A great big brother. A total, sweet boog. 

Happy birthday you gorgeous bald kid. We love you more than a bucket full of money laying ducks.

Here's to all your seven year old dreams coming true (unless you're wishing for more haircuts... Mumma canny take it!).

Mumma, Daddy, Mo Flynn and Orson Pup Superstar. xoxoxox


Science Experiments #5 - Have you met my assistant?

Small boys, left to their own devices with a video camera...

Then the student becomes the master... kinda.  I'll be right back, everyone.





Puppy Love

Me and Mo really wanted a puppy. For ages.

Really, really, really! We've never had a dog and we knew how much we'd love one. Mum asked us what we had to do for a puppy. We said, walk him, play with him, feed him, take him to the vet. Train him and love him for the rest of his whole life!  We kept asking Mummy and Daddy. A lot.

They finally agreed!

This is Orson Pup Superstar!

He is a little Whippet puppy, only 10 weeks old. He's skinny and fast and so cuddly. He likes to cram in behind you when you sit on the couch so he can be warm.

He has tiny sharp teeth and he shivers when you take him outside. We can't take him for walks on the lead yet because he only had his needles last Monday. The Vet said he was SO brave, so when we got home, me and Morrison gave him a sticker.


Me and Mo can't wait to start training him! The Vet told us about a great puppy school that's especially for little kids so we are going to start that next, next weekend.

We have to keep all our toys off the floor so he doesn't chew them and we can't ever give him chocolate because chocolate is poison for dogs!

He already knows his name. He cries when he wants to go outside to pee and when he poos we have to pick it up with a plastic bag, which is a bit disgusting.


He sleeps in a little box with a blanket in our room, after Mo's watched Mister Maker, we all go to bed. I read with my new nightlight while Mo and Orson go to sleep. It only took one day for Orson to figure out how to get into Mo's bunk.

I can't wait until we can take him for long walks and to go to puppy training school. We are going to teach him how to do cool tricks. But for right now, we are just trying to get him used to his lead (he hates it!) and teach him not to chew things he shouldn't!


Mum said he cried when I went to school and Morrison went to kinder the first day. He stopped crying when we got home. He loves us as much as we love him.

We are lucky kids and Orson, is a lucky skinny dog.

Spike Riley x


Short Film - Stop Animation by a 6 Year Old

Mrs. Stelling's prep class of 012 was a brilliant little group of gorgeous kids. Mrs Stelling had a lot to do with it, OR we just got lucky. A little from Column A, a little from Column Stelling, methinks.   








This year, the kids got split up and scattered all around in to their new Grade One classes, but 'our' kids still tend to gravitate to one another outside of the classroom.  

Holly is one of Mrs Stelling's preppies. She and Spike are lucky to be in the same class again this year (with the the excellent Mrs C).

Spike wanted to make Holly something special for her 7th birthday so he (with a little bit of help from Daddy) decided on a Stop Animation movie.

It's pretty damn good. Even if I do say so, myself!

It's called "3,2,1 Blast Off - starring Spike and Holly" (Holly's little brother Bodhi is in it too).  

Holly was thrilled, their classmates were impressed and Spike would like to know roughly when to expect his Oscar to arrive?

Mother of the Writer/Director/Voice Over Artist oxxo  

I'd like to thank Mrs Stelling again for giving our boogs such a nice start. And ahem, just to remind her I have another precocious boy who is looking to start Prep next year with a hot, young teacher from the US. :-)