Hello world!


Attention, Spike Riley Scott speaking - well typing... well, dictating to my stunning mother and full time slave. I am four months old today. My hair is still outrageously sticking straight up in a funny little blonde Mohawk, just like Mummy and Aunty H's used to.

haircompare.jpg haircompare2.jpg

It IS true, everyone says I look like my Daddy. Here, the black t.shirt really makes a point.


Lately I've been drooling like a mummy in a cake shop so I spend a lot of the day - wet. I'm weighing in at a respectable 14-odd lbs and I stand, with help, a strapping 25" tall. I love my purple and yellow bunny, Casserole. I love the noises the crinkly elephant ears on my pram toy makes (a present from Uncle Watson and his daughter Val) and I'm seriously out of control amused by the three little puppies that hang over my changing table. They are piss funny and I'm not saying why. (really, we have no idea why he is SO amused by them!)

This blog is really for Grandmas and Grandpas and Auntys and Uncles - but it's also a way for my stunning and brilliant mother to keep a journal of my fascinating comings and goings. She thinks it will be interesting for me, when I'm a big boy. It's my baby book. I am a child of the new millennium and this is my blogworld.

Lucky I'm such an interesting baby otherwise, this might be a little boring!

Spike Riley xxxx
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