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Basketball For The Tiny

 Basketball - 

Not For The Weak

I started playing basketball this year. I'm pretty competitive. Ok, I'm very competitive. I may have been fouled off the court a couple of times for 'over zealous' play but COME ON, REF!  

 My lack of height does not impede my abilities in any way. Here are two guarantees.

1)If the other team drops the ball, you can bet I'm gonna steal it.

2) If you try to take the ball off me, it's going to end badly for you.

We're the Birmingham Littlies.

Oscar, Brody, Wil, Blake, Daniel, Ky and Jack. We're all in Grade 2 together. At least half of us haven't played basketball before. We are tenacious, hilarious and cohesive. Mum says, like dropped marbles on a tile floor. 


Mum makes me wear a mouthguard. She says, 'I lead with my face'. I will admit, I have been smacked in the chops a couple of times. For a non-contact sport, I've had my fair share of bruises. :-) 


This year we finished roughly last on the ladder. We roughly didn't care.

We celebrated our end of season at Oscar's place. We entered the pool more or less the same way as we storm the court. Lots of noise and a BIG splash!

I can't wait to play again, next year!


Who knows - we might even make the finals, next year.

Spike Riley, number 12.