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Eight, it's all about the bass.

The countdown has been on.

"Only 10 more sleeps til my birthday.

Only 9 more sleeps til my birthday.

Did you know I'm ace at karate?

Only 2 more sleeps til my birthday." 

I did know. I was there at the start. Well, kinda. I was pretty much actually unconscious when he arrived. Totally recommended, btw. Fentanyl is drug you should ask for, by name. :-)

He played basketball with his school team, on the actual day of his birthday and had said to Nana on the phone, before hand, "I feel pretty lucky. I'll probably get a basket tonight." He got a basket that night.  "And this time, for the right team!"

So, what do you do with fifteen, 8 year olds (and their assorted siblings)? I dunno either, I was just pretty positive you don't have them in your house.




Indoor trampoline centres are a thing. They have trampolines that bend up hill. And foam pits to land in. And basketball rings to dunk into from your trampoline base. Trampoline-based dodgeball. 90 mins of jumping, laughing, yelling and chasing makes for mucho tiredo tiny kidlets. Again, highly recommended. 

The kids were sweaty, heaving messes by the end.  Thanks to Jack, Oscar, Matthew, Rhianna, Holly, Tild, Angus, Bodhi, Arianna, Blake, Daniel, Kyden, Wil & Charlie and the might Mo man. And to all the lovely Mum's n Dad's I hadn't met before who hung around to watch the madness. 

Big changes from 7 to 8? The guitar playing is getting better. He's gone up a grade in Little Aths. He's taken up aerobics and is a leader in the boys school team. They're the Lightening Bolts if you didn't even hardly know. :-) Everything is Minecraft this year. All Minecraft, all the time.

He should be embarrassed by the sheer volume (measured in metric tonnes) of presents he received his year. One very lucky, spoilt dude. He got a Chromebook from us - a faster, sleeker computer than I ever had when I was eight... shaddap.  Ooh and a spectacular robotic arm kit from Nana and Papa that he spent quite a few - at times, frustrating hours - with daddy, assembling. 

Happy birthday Spike! You are actually as ace as you think you are - and that's certainly saying a lot!

LOTS of love, 

Mum Dad Mo and that mental dog who lives here. xxxx