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Eight, it's all about the bass.

The countdown has been on.

"Only 10 more sleeps til my birthday.

Only 9 more sleeps til my birthday.

Did you know I'm ace at karate?

Only 2 more sleeps til my birthday." 

I did know. I was there at the start. Well, kinda. I was pretty much actually unconscious when he arrived. Totally recommended, btw. Fentanyl is drug you should ask for, by name. :-)

He played basketball with his school team, on the actual day of his birthday and had said to Nana on the phone, before hand, "I feel pretty lucky. I'll probably get a basket tonight." He got a basket that night.  "And this time, for the right team!"

So, what do you do with fifteen, 8 year olds (and their assorted siblings)? I dunno either, I was just pretty positive you don't have them in your house.




Indoor trampoline centres are a thing. They have trampolines that bend up hill. And foam pits to land in. And basketball rings to dunk into from your trampoline base. Trampoline-based dodgeball. 90 mins of jumping, laughing, yelling and chasing makes for mucho tiredo tiny kidlets. Again, highly recommended. 

The kids were sweaty, heaving messes by the end.  Thanks to Jack, Oscar, Matthew, Rhianna, Holly, Tild, Angus, Bodhi, Arianna, Blake, Daniel, Kyden, Wil & Charlie and the might Mo man. And to all the lovely Mum's n Dad's I hadn't met before who hung around to watch the madness. 

Big changes from 7 to 8? The guitar playing is getting better. He's gone up a grade in Little Aths. He's taken up aerobics and is a leader in the boys school team. They're the Lightening Bolts if you didn't even hardly know. :-) Everything is Minecraft this year. All Minecraft, all the time.

He should be embarrassed by the sheer volume (measured in metric tonnes) of presents he received his year. One very lucky, spoilt dude. He got a Chromebook from us - a faster, sleeker computer than I ever had when I was eight... shaddap.  Ooh and a spectacular robotic arm kit from Nana and Papa that he spent quite a few - at times, frustrating hours - with daddy, assembling. 

Happy birthday Spike! You are actually as ace as you think you are - and that's certainly saying a lot!

LOTS of love, 

Mum Dad Mo and that mental dog who lives here. xxxx


Mid Year Catch Up - Epic!


That's what everything is, if you were wondering. Epic. "That was EPIC!" "Oh my gawd, that jump was EPIC!" "Wooo, EPIC fog!" "That was totally, EPIC dinner, Mum." 

You get the vibe? It's Epic. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find un-epic things in his orbit.


This kid is 7 now. Half way through Grade 2. Plays guitar, basketball and Little Athletics. He's in the Boys Aerobics Team at school, can swim a decent lap, ride his bike and jump off most things. He's also discovered that when placed in a cross country long distance scenario, he can run a long way, quickly!


S: "Sport is like my hobby."

M: "Yes, it is."

S: "...I thought you'd laugh at that." 

Life is an opportunity be noticed. To be "on". Cute now, but leaning towards wearing... Learning to "Pick his moments" is proving a little more difficult to master. But, like I said, he's only 7. 

He's just got his first mouthguard. Why does a kid who plays mostly non-contact sports need a mouthguard? Well, let's just say he tends to lead with his face!

Being uber competitive and aggressively tenacious will serve him well, in a lot of ways... or be his undoing. :-) 

To say he's all together too excited about the mouthguard, is an understatement. To say that I'm all together too amused that it makes him gag, falls into the same category.

He's got a great bunch of buddies. They're a fairly active lot.

It's hard when they start making their own friends - kids you haven't personally vetted. But so far, he's making pretty good choices.

All in all, so far, A good year!

Top Moments
(as picked by Spike)

3. Luna Park with Daddy, Mo, Mum and Arnie was a highlight. "The human/beachballs were, (can you guess?) EPIC!" 

2. Going to the top of the Eureka Skydeck with his Dad and brother.

1. Burying the Time Capsules. 


He turns 8 in October.

Ridiculous! 8? Who ever heard of such a thing?!

The 7yo Thing's Mother xx


christmas experience

Daddy: "What do you want for Xmas, Spike?"

Spike: "Hmmm, I don't want a present, I want an experience."

Ooookay. Don't worry, when asked by his mother a few days later, he had quite a hefty list of shit to add. Most of which started with 'i' Pod, Phone, Pad... how about, iSmack? But no, he wanted an experience "instead of a present".

Go Carting it is!

Xmas morning, his brother got the telescope he'd been angling for (it's a little too complicated for him... and us! eep!) and there was a Lego table absolutely brimming with Lego and pinned to the tree was a gift certificate, "Hey Spike, wanna drive?"

A couple of days after xmas, we trekked across town to the wetlands where the serene sounds of squealing petrol engines peeling around four different bitumen tracks can be heard off in the distance. Fun!

The kids got to drive their own Daytona electric cars (two speeds, walking pace and running pace). There were crashes, prangs and mild baby whiplash. heh! But all eyes were on the big tracks... with the big cars.

We all suited up, Mo and I and Spike and Daddy. Lots of searching for XL helmets. The kids were in a cart before we could say, "Are you ready?"

The Rimo Evo6 Carts are 200CC 8.5 HP beasts reaching speeds up to 80kph with what I'm assured is, 'flexible steering'. If by flexible they mean fighting a small animal in a Hessian bag to turn a corner then yes, it is flexible.

We whipped around the course, the kids whooping and screaming! Mo, urging me to go faster and faster. Delight emanating as we passed Daddy and Spike, wedged into a tyre wall. "Bye-bye you guys! Go faster, Mummy. Go, go, go!"

The boys had another turn on the 'little kids' track. But by now, they were spoilt by velocity and speed. There were two other kids on the track and we watched as our über competitive eldest born aggressively took corners, determined to get in front. The younger boy, leaning in to his corners as he whipped around the back straight not exactly driving like a gentleman his ownself.

It was a good day! As we walked back to our sedentary Cube, to drive home at legal speeds Spike was already planning his next trip - dribbling with anticipation as he'd be old enough and tall enough to drive the next cart up - the Mini Rivo petrol powered cart (with acheivable speeds of 20kph) on the Rimo track with the 'wicked hairpin turn'.

When we got home and checked Twitter, we heard about Michael Schumacher.

Go Carting, as a Xmas Experience is highly recommended.

Spike's Mum xx


Science Experiments #5 - Have you met my assistant?

Small boys, left to their own devices with a video camera...

Then the student becomes the master... kinda.  I'll be right back, everyone.





Little Aths

Little Athletics is exactly what the name suggests. A knitting club for the over 40's...

Little Aths was formed on the first Saturday of October 1964, by a small group of children on a Geelong oval led by Trevor Billingham. The kids took part in a short program of running events.

Almost exactly 48 years later, Spike had a go. He joins the other 95,000 members, Australia-wide.

If you're not familiar with Little Aths, it's athletic events for kids between the ages of 5 and 15/16. They participate in various and age appropriate modified track and field events.

Spike's an Under 6. They do shot put, discus (without the fancy spinning around) they run 70, 100 and 200mt races, sometimes in their own lanes! There's 70 mt hurdles, over teeny modified yellow tubular fences. And good ol' long jump and special event relays. No high jump or javellin yet. Much to Spike's dismay.

(PS this is what's happening at the other end of that Long Jump pit... )

There's about 15 boys in Spike's age group and about 6 girls. The numbers waver wildly from week to week due to; family commitments, children's whims and/or Mother's fear of standing in no shade on a 40.C day watching unco kids biff a disc around for hours on end.

Each age group has a coach. In our case, Paige. A spindly minx with the patience of a Saint. And the parents pitch in to make up the numbers as record keepers, measurers and assistant coaches. My favourite being a fantastically hilarious Irish dad who will drop his measuring tape to take the hand of a kid who's having trouble with the machinations of long jump, to jump with him/her. It's beautiful.

Now Spike's little brother, Mo is technically too young to join. You must have turned 5 before you start. He's just turned 4 - right at the end of the Summer season, so it will be another year before he can officially join. Not join IN because they allow him to do that, right now.

He dutifully lines up behind his big brother and waits his turn. Paige patiently takes him through each event and everyone applauds his efforts. It does make getting up at 8am on a Saturday morning, totally worth it. :-)

We wanted to Spike to join Little Aths so he could learn to lose graciously. The kid has his mother's competitive streak. Adorable on Mumma, less desirable in a small boy child. It seems to be working. He is MUCH better about not coming first all the time although, the gloating that happens when he does, is pretty shameless. heh! Eh, it's a start! The kids are rewarded for beating their OWN personal goals. As you may guess, Spike is VERY in to his PB's. It turns out, the kids can chuck things, doing well in both discus and shot-put - although there's nothing of him to put behind a disc or shot-put. He's got great long jump form. And was clearly not put on earth to run, fast. Pretty good over the hurdles though.


The summer season is over for now. We go back in September and he'll move up an age grade. I'm going to miss Coach Paige, perhaps not as much as Mo will but onward and upward.

Spike's Mother, The One He'll Thank On The Olympic Dais Of My Dreams oxO