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Newest Member of the Family

Mum's friend, Tim has a Dad. Mr Harris (the Dad) has a little dog called Boy. Mr Harris is getting older now and needs more help to get around and do things so he's moving house to somewhere with more help.

Which means, lucky us, Boy is coming to live with us! We will be his Mr Harris for as long as he likes. We're adding a 'd' to his name and live in hope Boyd can teach Orson not to be such a big dumb dork! 

Tim bought Boyd over to our place with his blanket, his chair and his little igloo. He seemed interested in what was going on and probably thought he was just on a great big adventure. Orson was pretty happy to have a pal to chase and play with. After Tim left, we all had a cuddle and chat on the couch. Orson was well behaved, which was very unusual! Boyd was happy to potter around and look at things. Before bed, we let him outside, with Orson to pee - he explored outside for a little while then came back inside and hopped straight into his igloo.  In the morning, we all snuggled on the couch to watch cartoons.


Boyd has fitted in to our family really well. He's a bit naughty when you call him, cause he doesn't come back but he LOVES going for walks, on his leash and we do let him off leash at the dog park - it seems to be the ONLY place he WILL come back to you when he's called! He chats to the other Jack Russells and generally stays out of Orson's wily whippet way (he can run very, very fast!) unless there is someone else they can both chase. He likes splashing in the creek and running through the mud (Mum's favourite!) unlike Orson, who can leap all the way across the creek keeping his bony toes, dry.

He knows how to slip through the fence at Nana and Papa's but he always trots back, happy as Larry even though he gets told off by Mum! Papa has fixed the little hole in the fence so hopefully he wont go for a bushwalk next time we're there!

He's funny when he chases Orson in the backyard, because NO ONE can catch Orson. So Boyd, barks at him every time he whips past and the barking gets angrier and angrier when he realises  he can't ever catch him.


Thanks Mr Harris, we promise to take care of him just as you have. And thanks Tim and thanks Sarah for trusting us with your fur brother. We think he's going to be pretty happy here. :-)



Puppy Love

Me and Mo really wanted a puppy. For ages.

Really, really, really! We've never had a dog and we knew how much we'd love one. Mum asked us what we had to do for a puppy. We said, walk him, play with him, feed him, take him to the vet. Train him and love him for the rest of his whole life!  We kept asking Mummy and Daddy. A lot.

They finally agreed!

This is Orson Pup Superstar!

He is a little Whippet puppy, only 10 weeks old. He's skinny and fast and so cuddly. He likes to cram in behind you when you sit on the couch so he can be warm.

He has tiny sharp teeth and he shivers when you take him outside. We can't take him for walks on the lead yet because he only had his needles last Monday. The Vet said he was SO brave, so when we got home, me and Morrison gave him a sticker.


Me and Mo can't wait to start training him! The Vet told us about a great puppy school that's especially for little kids so we are going to start that next, next weekend.

We have to keep all our toys off the floor so he doesn't chew them and we can't ever give him chocolate because chocolate is poison for dogs!

He already knows his name. He cries when he wants to go outside to pee and when he poos we have to pick it up with a plastic bag, which is a bit disgusting.


He sleeps in a little box with a blanket in our room, after Mo's watched Mister Maker, we all go to bed. I read with my new nightlight while Mo and Orson go to sleep. It only took one day for Orson to figure out how to get into Mo's bunk.

I can't wait until we can take him for long walks and to go to puppy training school. We are going to teach him how to do cool tricks. But for right now, we are just trying to get him used to his lead (he hates it!) and teach him not to chew things he shouldn't!


Mum said he cried when I went to school and Morrison went to kinder the first day. He stopped crying when we got home. He loves us as much as we love him.

We are lucky kids and Orson, is a lucky skinny dog.

Spike Riley x