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9th Birthday, yup, I had one! 


Totes turned it. About a month ago, but still, you can't rush an ace party.

This year we hit, Clip & Climb. Why are you still sitting there? Why? You should go. Immediately!   Take your 12 kids to a giant warehouse with the most colourful climbing walls, tunnels, slides, death drops, ropes, mountains and ladders and watch them anxiously sit through the 15 minute 'Safety Briefing'. Then, as if shot out of a colourful cannon, they're off! Grab a harness, choose your obstacle, clip yourself into the auto belay and climb. Climb. CLIMB! That's right Mum and Dad, you don't have to stand at the bottom, looking up, holding a rope all afternoon.  You can have a cuppa, roam with your camera and shout encouraging words, "Keep climbing, your sister climbed higher than that!"   

Boy, did they climb!? It was rhetorical, they did. Indeed. 

Some higher than others. Much higher. Some quicker. The level of bravivity (it's a word, now) increased as the hour grew. Once they trusted their belays there was no stopping them!

We arrived with 12 reasonably hyped up kids, ready for action. We left with 12 hot sweaty messes who should have slept the entire trip home in the car.   Thanks for joining us Alex, James, Tild, Angus, Jack, Kyden, Holly, Izzy, Ariana and our wee Mo.  We missed you, Oscar - next time, eh?  We'll go over the holidays for sure. 

Extra thanks to the Mum's and Dad's who didn't burst forth with a litter of indignant kittens when I suggested they travel 40k's for a kids party. I told you it would be worth it. I love it when I'm right.

Happy birthday, Spike Riley. You're an ace kid. We love the person you've become and quite frankly, if you continue this way, I will be forced to smash your face off and eat it. Keep up the good work! 

f xxxx