So THAT'S Where Puppies Come From

Walking home from kinder.

"Mumma, when we get to our new house I would like a cat and a dog."

"We won't be getting cat, Baby. Mumma is allergic to cats."

"Ok, but we can get a dog, right?"

"Yes, I think so. A nice big puppy that can stand a bit of rough and tumble."


He thinks for a while.

"I would like a girl puppy so she can lay eggs and we can have more puppies! I would pick one up, carefully and give it a kiss but then I would put it straight back cause it would be hers."


"Yes. Wont that be cute?"

"Yes. And miraculous!"

So - looks like we're getting us one of them egg-layin' dogs.  Hope they come with short-hair coats and their own roosting box.

Spike's Biology Teacher xx





Start Your Engines... or Daddy's.


Socialised Medicine? Yes, I'll Have Some, Ta.

Ack. Sick kids.

Rips your heart out and is bad for your back (Mother's Beds in hospital are NOT for sleeping on!)

Spike has been a sick little boy. Nothing catasrophic and for this we are ETERNALLY grateful but as Uncle Fug says, "Your suck does not make my suck, not suck". Our wee boy has had excruciating tummy pain for two weeks.  Each day, getting a little worse.  We had a brief stay in the Short Stay Unit of RCH and really, Mumma should have put her hoof down then and said, "No I'm not taking him home until he's better-better."  We were back two days later then another two days after that.  THEN they admitted him upstairs to the renal/coronary ward. (They also discovered a very low heart rate on our boy. Marathon runner heart rate. Subsequent ECG's have found him to be in tip top cardiac condition. Slow, relaxed but fine.)


Lethargy. Vomiting. Intense belly pain - like labour belly pains. Hideous. Screaming in agony. He wanted to eat but would have a mouthful or two then push it away. So sad. As you can see, Fugger was a constant companion. When Spike had to get a naso-gastric tube, Fugger volunteered. When Spike needed an IV, (that took two goes to get in) Fugger got one too. When Spike needed to have his medicine... well, no one was having that cause, "it tastes disgusting!"

A few days of morphine and some watching and waiting... and we still don't know what happened to him! The Doctors said, "We probably won't find out what's going on, a lot of kids come in with belly pain and we never do find a reason.  Which is better than finding a shitty reason."  Can't argue with that logic, can you?!


So, he's had a bunch of blood tests and those results will take some time to come back. He's had a few xrays and is due for an ultrasound.  We have a follow up appointment next week.  Since we came home, he's almost back to normal. A few yelps in his sleep some nights but nothing that makes the neigbours call the police or child protective services. His appetite is finally back and he went to kinder yesterday.  That all sounds like the Right Track, yes?  Yes. Agreed!

Not to say the entire hospital stay was all 'suck'. Far from it. Spike, being Captain Sociable sees a roomful of sick kids, all trapped in their beds and thinks, "Ah-ha! An audience!  Good morning everyone, my name is Spike Scott..."  Seriously. Even at his sickest. heh!

He made firm friends with little Sienna from Shepparton. They squealed with delight when the helicopter would land outside Spike's window. I can't even describe the hilarity that is the video I got of them watching the helicopter land. "that kid is sick cos he drank the bathwater" "he ate a peach that had wees in it" "cause he got poo on his head". You get the idea. HIGH art.  The commentary went on and on and on. They laughed and squealed and goaded each other on and on. So funny. SUCH a nice change from their cries of pain.


Visits to the Starlight Express Room were also high on the agenda. Arts, crafts, games, toys, computers, Nintendos, Captain Starlight etc... (the giant Wii projector screen made Mumma nauseous with motion sickness) what's not to love? It's a Doctor Free Zone and a great place to get some perspective. Our kids could walk and talk and wipe their own arses.  (your suck does not make my suck, not suck)

There's also a giant playground - which we could also see out of Spike's window. Mo loved to go down there and play on the swings. Spike and his little buddy Alex (from kinder last year) hit the sandpit and hit it hard. Wheelchair ride bribes were also big on Spike's agenda. "I will if I can have a little explore in a wheelchair" Nice one, Demando, nice call.

But mostly, he and Sienna liked to sit in each others beds and watch videos on the laptop or play iPhone games or just plain ol' giggle and squeal.  As Spike got better and better he liked to get a balloon and blow it up and let it go! Sienna thought this was most choice, most choice indeed. :-)  Poor Tony, the 12 almost 13 yr old in the room must have wished he was in for nerve deafness. Sweet, kind, patient Tony.  Hope you're doing better too, dear boy.


Each day Spike would hand out new glo-stick bracelets. One crack and they glow. Everyone needed a new one in the morning cause they only last a little while. 7 West's Room 1 was littered with neon pink, blue, green and yellow glo-sticks. Snapped on to bed rails, around bulky IV arm bandages and sticking out from under bedsheets.  I'm not sure what the cleaning staff thought as they came in to strip Spike's bed after he left.

Another radioactive kid, they'd say. Yeah. Another radioactive kid.

We're home now. Bed here is MUCHO better. Morrison is almost as good an audience member as Sienna but we sure hope she is home now too.

Socialised medicine our dear American friends, oh yes, sign us up for that. Our suck does make your suck suck even harder by comparison.

Australia is the land of the free and home of the (Spike) brave.

Spike's Mumma xx

 PS of course, not to be outdone. Nana is in hospital now. She has extra crappy lungs and is feeling very poorly. We're hoping they'll move her out of Critical Care today or tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed she feels well enough to go to the Starlight Express Room for some karaoke soon. Ta.





We live in inner city Melbourne. Us and all the cool kids. The suburbs come in to visit on the weekends, it drives Mumma nuts.  They take all our parking spots and pee in our alleys (cause their Mum's haven't taught them how to use a public toilet, three feet away!).

We have lots of city things in Fitzroy. People, traffic, vandals, drug addicts, really good coffee, some pretty ok baby cinos too!, graffiti and no parking spots. The graffiti is one of two types. Crappy tagging (done by Naughty Tools whose Mum's didn't teach them to have half a clue) and the beautiful guerilla art.  That stuff is really cool!

This is around the side of our building. Two giant zebra posters, being "ridden by shy ladies."

It might only last for a couple of weeks, but it's usually replaced by something just as pretty. Of course the Naughty Tools with their spraycans will be along soon, to write their names like three year old babies! What IS that, Der Brain?

Me and Mo like to run up and down the streets here, we fly paper airplanes in the alleyways and we make up voices for the art.

"Hullo, I'm a sad girl. Boo-hoo."  "I've got a lady on my back, get off lady!"  "Zebra's are TALL, poopy-head!"

Of course, there are lots of parks too, with swings and slides and climbing things. The Fairy Tree is in Fitzroy Gardens and they have so many tiny fairy houses but we're just as happy in the alley with a paper airplane.

In the city, the trams ding. The cars honk and the people yell. The trucks in the alleyway rumble and squeak. The coffee machines go, 'pffffffft' and the man says, "Got any change?" We've got SO much things to do, working, fixing, cleaning and even playing. So I can't talk to you right now. Ok? Thanks Mumma. Bye!

We live in the city.

[here endeth the dictation]

Spike's Mumma xo


Big Boy Kinder, Yeah, I Rock It.

Loaded up, ready to go. Lunch weighed more than him. New friends to make. Let's GO people!


This is Tiger, he is my buddy. Joshie, the little boy who lives next door also goes to my new kinder! Isn't that amazing?! There's heaps of new kids at my new kinder. Kerri is our teacher and we have Lin and Angelique too. There's SO much stuff to do. The sandpit is absolutely humongous! (It IS pretty specky) and we even play basketball.

We have often said, this kid could be dropped behind enemy lines and he'd have a floor show going and have been elected "Most Likely To Succeed" before the coup. Adaptablity, thy name is Spike Riley.

He raced in, took the hand of the nearest, (and most timid) kid and yelled, "Hi James, I'm Spike! Let's go find something to play with!" then disappeared into a sea of children and toys.  We stayed for a while to get our bearings.  Spike did lift his face long enough to kiss his brother goodbye but all we got was some, "See you later Mumma and Daddy's" from he back of his busy head.

"You sure you don't want to cling my leg and beg me not to leave you, hon?"

"Nah, no thanks Mum, I'll see you later! Bye!  Bye Mo-Mo!"

When I went to pick him up on Tuesday, there were two little girls 'fighting over him', I heard him say, "Girls! I can't stand here ALL day!" Then a bit later, he pointed to wee James (the same tiny, extreeeeemely shy kid) and said loudly, "James, you can be the doctor, 'cause you're a boy."

Bwahaha, SO proud.  I mean, what are they teaching him there?!

(which reminds me, I must remember to teach him the proper name for girls is, 'losers')

It's all go, go, go.  Three more seconds and he'll be asking us for bail money. Time, she flies.

Spike's Mumma xo


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