Little Aths

Little Athletics is exactly what the name suggests. A knitting club for the over 40's...

Little Aths was formed on the first Saturday of October 1964, by a small group of children on a Geelong oval led by Trevor Billingham. The kids took part in a short program of running events.

Almost exactly 48 years later, Spike had a go. He joins the other 95,000 members, Australia-wide.

If you're not familiar with Little Aths, it's athletic events for kids between the ages of 5 and 15/16. They participate in various and age appropriate modified track and field events.

Spike's an Under 6. They do shot put, discus (without the fancy spinning around) they run 70, 100 and 200mt races, sometimes in their own lanes! There's 70 mt hurdles, over teeny modified yellow tubular fences. And good ol' long jump and special event relays. No high jump or javellin yet. Much to Spike's dismay.

(PS this is what's happening at the other end of that Long Jump pit... )

There's about 15 boys in Spike's age group and about 6 girls. The numbers waver wildly from week to week due to; family commitments, children's whims and/or Mother's fear of standing in no shade on a 40.C day watching unco kids biff a disc around for hours on end.

Each age group has a coach. In our case, Paige. A spindly minx with the patience of a Saint. And the parents pitch in to make up the numbers as record keepers, measurers and assistant coaches. My favourite being a fantastically hilarious Irish dad who will drop his measuring tape to take the hand of a kid who's having trouble with the machinations of long jump, to jump with him/her. It's beautiful.

Now Spike's little brother, Mo is technically too young to join. You must have turned 5 before you start. He's just turned 4 - right at the end of the Summer season, so it will be another year before he can officially join. Not join IN because they allow him to do that, right now.

He dutifully lines up behind his big brother and waits his turn. Paige patiently takes him through each event and everyone applauds his efforts. It does make getting up at 8am on a Saturday morning, totally worth it. :-)

We wanted to Spike to join Little Aths so he could learn to lose graciously. The kid has his mother's competitive streak. Adorable on Mumma, less desirable in a small boy child. It seems to be working. He is MUCH better about not coming first all the time although, the gloating that happens when he does, is pretty shameless. heh! Eh, it's a start! The kids are rewarded for beating their OWN personal goals. As you may guess, Spike is VERY in to his PB's. It turns out, the kids can chuck things, doing well in both discus and shot-put - although there's nothing of him to put behind a disc or shot-put. He's got great long jump form. And was clearly not put on earth to run, fast. Pretty good over the hurdles though.


The summer season is over for now. We go back in September and he'll move up an age grade. I'm going to miss Coach Paige, perhaps not as much as Mo will but onward and upward.

Spike's Mother, The One He'll Thank On The Olympic Dais Of My Dreams oxO


A Story of Bony Enamel-Coated Structures in the Jaw of Our Eldest Vertebrate

Summer holidays are almost over. At the start of them, he'd only lost four teeth.

The first one popped out right after we'd been to the Dentist... coincidence or subterfuge?

Shortly after, its mate followed. 


The third was lost at school. Mrs Stelling (World's Best Prep Teacher) sent it home in an envelope complete with blow by blow story of The Happening. :-) 

The fourth.  This is what your face looks like when you think you've swallowed your cash-bringing tooth in your sleep.  And there's what it looks like when you find it on your pillow, next to your buddy, Fugger.


Next, the big guns!

Numero Uno Front Tooth. Central Incisor 1.  The Tooth Fairy (or one of her friends) lost her mind for this tooth. Now, incase you're wondering what the going rate for the first front tooth is, in this house it's One Million Dollars! He was less impressed than we'd imagined. "But where can I spend it?!"  heh!

After a brief discussion about the sturdiness of the remaining front, Spike was helping me outside. The hose was stuck and I asked him to go and untangle it, "that way". You know, the SHORT way around the table. So when he walked BEHIND me as I snapped the hose with my full force, backwards, I collected him fair in the moosh!  A nice punch to the face bones. However, the tooth defiantly hung in there until that night when a vigorous brushing bought it asunder.

Tomorrow we send him back to school. I expect we'll have to mash his food and send him with an armload of straws. He insists that, "will not be necessary, you nutbag!" Buuut, you can't be too careful.

Spike's Mum, the Tooth Loosener xxoo


A Xmas Photo Essay

SFX:    Eeee Yooor Eeeee Yoooor

Mo:     Can you hear it? Listen with your hand!

Spike: I can hear something...

:-) Mo, Spike, Mikayla, Rianna (across the rd) Charlie (around the corner) & the ill, Ms Ella-Honey Pie! 

Support your local CFA, they are truly invaluable. (and I hope we only ever see them, once a year, right before Xmas, toting lollies and good wishes.)

Spike's Mum xo0











I did toy with naming him Twelve for a while. If you're looking for a name that can't be shortened, or lengthened in any real way - Twelve in the one you're looking for. Of course, we would have called him, "Dozen".

He's Spike. 

He's funny. Loving. A total ham! Loves his friends and loves, loves, loves being the centre of attention. He's bright. Articulate. Inquisitive. Caring. He's very sweet with his little brother, when he's not yelling at him to stop touching his stuff! He loves school, LOVES his teacher, loves reading, climbing, being the boss.  Aside from the climbing thing, we're practically twins!

For his 6th birthday, he wanted to play Laser Tag. Even for his stridently Anti-Gun mother, this is a genius venture. Here's the drill. You assemble the kids at the place. It looks like the way you'd assemble glass marbles dropped on to a concrete floor.  Try to keep a vague head count, or do it my way, count the presents that are slowly amassing the height and girth of a necessary new addition to your house. When you're pretty sure all the invited kids are there, you yell, "LINE UP!" Just yell it out into the room at large. Your kids will reappear like dust bunnies to a vacuum outlet. Go down the line and knock away any foreign objects, pointing them back in the direction of their own startled parents.


You can still hear the kids, behind closed doors, you can even go IN and see them run around like future defenders of our nation, wildly spraying the walls, floor, door, enemy with green laser fire. But you don't HAVE to. The don't expect you to! The kids, don't even notice you when you do.


Unfortunately, they DO bring the kids back to you (wey hey!) but only to water and feed them before TAKING THEM AWAY AGAIN!

Like I said.


Three rounds of high volume music and smoke machine fog, the sweaty, exhausted kids come back to you. You FILL them with cake them send them home to their own parents to deal with the consequences.

Like I said, Gee. Nee. UST!

Happy Birthday Spike Riley. You are UTTERLY divine! And you know it!

Thanks to Madi, Kayne, Brody, Mackenzie, Mikayla, Cameron, Lily, Tild, Angus, Kasey, Micah, Boyd, Izzy, Tamsyn and our wee Mo Mo! 

Spike's Mum xxx000xxx


Spike I am

Do you like
green eggs and ham

I do not like them,
I do not like
green eggs and ham.

Or DO I?

Further proof that Daddy's with a sense of humour and some green food dye, are the best!

Spike's brother, Mo on the other hand... he does NOT like green eggs and ham, Mo I am!

Spike's Mum ox