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Out Of The Mouths Of...

Spike came running in, giggling his head off.


S: "I've just had the best idea! How do you spell, Bum bum, pigs bum?"

M: "b-u-m b-u-m p-i-g-s b-u-m"

S: "Ah yes, of course. I'll need some paper and a stamp, please?

M: "What for exactly?"

A4 paper exchange occurs, amidst manical giggling.

S: "Well, I'm going to write a letter to myself and when I open it [insert more insane giggling] I will read it and think it's just the funnest joke to myself!"

M: "And you're happy with bum bum pigs bum?"

S: "Very!"

He posted it to himself Care Of the Cubby and he was right! He did indeed think it was THE funniest joke he'd ever opened and read.

S: "Hilarious."

PostMaster Mum xo

Reader Comments (1)

I was probably about 6 when I first came up with the iconoclastic genius, uber-meta, space-warping idea of mailing myself a letter - I figured I'd set the whole postal service on its ear!

But even I didn't come up with content on that level of sublimity.

September 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterBen

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