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Phrases Most Heard in Our House

These are the repeat gems oft heard in our house.

Lemme See, Lemme See!

Again? Again!

No, He Likes It!

And the kids perennial favourite,

Oh No!

Spike is 4 & 1/2. Just wander by, in a the general vicinity. Somewhere within the 100 metre range and he'll tell you. He will also tell you the age of his brother, "he's only 2." (pff, what a light weight!) and has been known to offer MUMMA'S age, rank and serial number. 32, 24, 26.  shaddap

4 & a half sees him at his athletic, competitive best. Haaates to "not win". Loves to run and jump and fly at top speed. Does some of THE most impressive push-ups (I really must capture some on camera, steady-cam) and does "the best skids ever, I'm so good at skids" on his bike.

He's made some lovely little mates at kinder and engaged a few more in Battle of the Wils (it was never going to be a fair fight).  All in all, life's pretty good in Spikeland.

He can be spectacularly defiant and downright sneaky. He wants what he wants.  As we keep telling him, "It's only cute when Mummy does [insert random behaviour] it."  We can't be fairer than that. shaddap

Boys = noise + mess + violently applied head-locked love.  S'pretty grouse!

But oh, the noises.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Spike's Mum xo


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