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Kinder Kid? Me? Hardly!

Big year. 

Big changes. 

Big move.


Our blonde whirlwind on a stick is not a little kinder kid any more...

He and his bestie, Mackenzie have "graduated" from kindergarten and as far as I can tell, he now holds an advanced degree in Truck Races and Gluing.

We should now refer to him as Dr. Spike R Scott BSTR GHons He's hoping for tenure at Birmingham next year but for now, it's allllll about checking the Countdown To Xmas note he keeps under his pillow, in his wallet. *Four sleeps and counting


They had read Xmas stories at kinder, one about Jeebus and one about Santa. As he regaled the Santa tale he got to the end and proclaimed, ... so THAT explains where all those presents came from, last year! 

Yes, I guess it does. Here's hoping he can find his way here, this year?  His buddy Kenz is all over the Santa stuff. He's gone as far as to measure up their Coonara heater 'chimney' and declare it, "not really big enough". So Spike's interest is more by osmosis than anything.  Don't get me wrong he is ALL over the presents side of things. The How The Presents Get In To The House are less important.

He's had his eye on a few things. Helicopters. Truck Race stuff (your guess is as good as mine?). "Oh, I really need that backback water pistol... so I can get Mo."  (I'll have to get Mo a bigger capacity one) So we're trying to instill the art of gift GIVING to our tiny blonde consumer. Wish us luck. Wish him luck!

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, What Did You Bring For Me?!

Quite probably until next year when this kid of ours is a School Kid. *yikes!*

Spike (& his parental units & darling loud sibling) xxxooo


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