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So, now we know what it's like to take twelve 4 - 5yr olds and three 1- 2yr olds, bowling.  It's like dropping marbles on a concrete floor.... they just scatter, in every direction all holding something heavier than themselves!

Spike had a bowling party. The kids donned shoes, perplexed looks and followed the lady in front to the lanes where they were told a bunch of rules.  All the kids heard was "don't touch that thing" which of course meant they ALL touched that thing. (stupid place to put an electronic scoreboard if you ask me, right in front of kids, at kid height!) heh

Will, Charlie, Mackenzie, Ella, Mikayla, James, Morrison, (isn't he a musician) Matilda, Angus (declined to play, slept most of the afternoon on Papa's ample shoulder) Noah, Jordy and Caleb joined Spike in tearing up the hardwood.

The little little ones can NOT grasp the need for 'turns', which produces tears and the older ones just 'patiently' bide their time until theirs rolls around again. "Is it my turn? Is it my turn? Is it my turn now? I'm having a turn! I'm so bored of this, I want my turn now..."  I have to say, the kids were great.  Cheering each other on, not understanding that when you get a strike, it means you only get one turn.  heh wee Ella, Mikayla, Spike and Mo all got a strike at some stage (must be something in the water on our street).  Many of the kids picked up the spares (look at me, talking the lingo) and no one lost a finger or toe! Ella won with a score of 98, followed by Mo on 93.  Then Spike, Mikayla and I believe, Will.

One game each, then a Simpsonesque feast (sausage rolls, party pies, chips and something else yellow) followed by BRIGHT orange cake. (Chocolate cake inside my super-dooper no sugar frosting with a hint of orange).  Then we hired a truck to bring all of Spike's presents home (wow, he made out like a bandit!) so we're surrounded by nine miles of Mylar, ripped clamshell packaging and wrapping paper. **Note he was up at 6:30a to make sure everything was still there!

Spike, you're five! Only a heartbeat ago you were wrapped up like a big silver burrito and handed to me, your drugged up mother. You sure do talk more now!  But are only mildly more demanding.  Not sure if that's a disparaging comment about your youth or you babyhood.

Either way, we sure do love you. Happy Birthday buddy!

Mumma, Daddy & Morrison xxxxx

Reader Comments (4)

Aw! Looks like a great time!

October 16, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmber

Nice one!

October 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterRich

Aww happy birthday Spike you spunkrat xx

October 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCandi

Hey beautiful Fahey,
Looks like a great day and I love that you have the Bowling Lingo down – please pass on my birthday wishes to beautiful Spike
Love this pic, they look like two little mischevious ones but oh so too cute

October 18, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLeeAnn

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