9th Birthday, yup, I had one! 


Totes turned it. About a month ago, but still, you can't rush an ace party.

This year we hit, Clip & Climb. Why are you still sitting there? Why? You should go. Immediately!   Take your 12 kids to a giant warehouse with the most colourful climbing walls, tunnels, slides, death drops, ropes, mountains and ladders and watch them anxiously sit through the 15 minute 'Safety Briefing'. Then, as if shot out of a colourful cannon, they're off! Grab a harness, choose your obstacle, clip yourself into the auto belay and climb. Climb. CLIMB! That's right Mum and Dad, you don't have to stand at the bottom, looking up, holding a rope all afternoon.  You can have a cuppa, roam with your camera and shout encouraging words, "Keep climbing, your sister climbed higher than that!"   

Boy, did they climb!? It was rhetorical, they did. Indeed. 

Some higher than others. Much higher. Some quicker. The level of bravivity (it's a word, now) increased as the hour grew. Once they trusted their belays there was no stopping them!

We arrived with 12 reasonably hyped up kids, ready for action. We left with 12 hot sweaty messes who should have slept the entire trip home in the car.   Thanks for joining us Alex, James, Tild, Angus, Jack, Kyden, Holly, Izzy, Ariana and our wee Mo.  We missed you, Oscar - next time, eh?  We'll go over the holidays for sure. 

Extra thanks to the Mum's and Dad's who didn't burst forth with a litter of indignant kittens when I suggested they travel 40k's for a kids party. I told you it would be worth it. I love it when I'm right.

Happy birthday, Spike Riley. You're an ace kid. We love the person you've become and quite frankly, if you continue this way, I will be forced to smash your face off and eat it. Keep up the good work! 

f xxxx


Newest Member of the Family

Mum's friend, Tim has a Dad. Mr Harris (the Dad) has a little dog called Boy. Mr Harris is getting older now and needs more help to get around and do things so he's moving house to somewhere with more help.

Which means, lucky us, Boy is coming to live with us! We will be his Mr Harris for as long as he likes. We're adding a 'd' to his name and live in hope Boyd can teach Orson not to be such a big dumb dork! 

Tim bought Boyd over to our place with his blanket, his chair and his little igloo. He seemed interested in what was going on and probably thought he was just on a great big adventure. Orson was pretty happy to have a pal to chase and play with. After Tim left, we all had a cuddle and chat on the couch. Orson was well behaved, which was very unusual! Boyd was happy to potter around and look at things. Before bed, we let him outside, with Orson to pee - he explored outside for a little while then came back inside and hopped straight into his igloo.  In the morning, we all snuggled on the couch to watch cartoons.


Boyd has fitted in to our family really well. He's a bit naughty when you call him, cause he doesn't come back but he LOVES going for walks, on his leash and we do let him off leash at the dog park - it seems to be the ONLY place he WILL come back to you when he's called! He chats to the other Jack Russells and generally stays out of Orson's wily whippet way (he can run very, very fast!) unless there is someone else they can both chase. He likes splashing in the creek and running through the mud (Mum's favourite!) unlike Orson, who can leap all the way across the creek keeping his bony toes, dry.

He knows how to slip through the fence at Nana and Papa's but he always trots back, happy as Larry even though he gets told off by Mum! Papa has fixed the little hole in the fence so hopefully he wont go for a bushwalk next time we're there!

He's funny when he chases Orson in the backyard, because NO ONE can catch Orson. So Boyd, barks at him every time he whips past and the barking gets angrier and angrier when he realises  he can't ever catch him.


Thanks Mr Harris, we promise to take care of him just as you have. And thanks Tim and thanks Sarah for trusting us with your fur brother. We think he's going to be pretty happy here. :-)



Basketball For The Tiny

 Basketball - 

Not For The Weak

I started playing basketball this year. I'm pretty competitive. Ok, I'm very competitive. I may have been fouled off the court a couple of times for 'over zealous' play but COME ON, REF!  

 My lack of height does not impede my abilities in any way. Here are two guarantees.

1)If the other team drops the ball, you can bet I'm gonna steal it.

2) If you try to take the ball off me, it's going to end badly for you.

We're the Birmingham Littlies.

Oscar, Brody, Wil, Blake, Daniel, Ky and Jack. We're all in Grade 2 together. At least half of us haven't played basketball before. We are tenacious, hilarious and cohesive. Mum says, like dropped marbles on a tile floor. 


Mum makes me wear a mouthguard. She says, 'I lead with my face'. I will admit, I have been smacked in the chops a couple of times. For a non-contact sport, I've had my fair share of bruises. :-) 


This year we finished roughly last on the ladder. We roughly didn't care.

We celebrated our end of season at Oscar's place. We entered the pool more or less the same way as we storm the court. Lots of noise and a BIG splash!

I can't wait to play again, next year!


Who knows - we might even make the finals, next year.

Spike Riley, number 12.


Eight, it's all about the bass.

The countdown has been on.

"Only 10 more sleeps til my birthday.

Only 9 more sleeps til my birthday.

Did you know I'm ace at karate?

Only 2 more sleeps til my birthday." 

I did know. I was there at the start. Well, kinda. I was pretty much actually unconscious when he arrived. Totally recommended, btw. Fentanyl is drug you should ask for, by name. :-)

He played basketball with his school team, on the actual day of his birthday and had said to Nana on the phone, before hand, "I feel pretty lucky. I'll probably get a basket tonight." He got a basket that night.  "And this time, for the right team!"

So, what do you do with fifteen, 8 year olds (and their assorted siblings)? I dunno either, I was just pretty positive you don't have them in your house.




Indoor trampoline centres are a thing. They have trampolines that bend up hill. And foam pits to land in. And basketball rings to dunk into from your trampoline base. Trampoline-based dodgeball. 90 mins of jumping, laughing, yelling and chasing makes for mucho tiredo tiny kidlets. Again, highly recommended. 

The kids were sweaty, heaving messes by the end.  Thanks to Jack, Oscar, Matthew, Rhianna, Holly, Tild, Angus, Bodhi, Arianna, Blake, Daniel, Kyden, Wil & Charlie and the might Mo man. And to all the lovely Mum's n Dad's I hadn't met before who hung around to watch the madness. 

Big changes from 7 to 8? The guitar playing is getting better. He's gone up a grade in Little Aths. He's taken up aerobics and is a leader in the boys school team. They're the Lightening Bolts if you didn't even hardly know. :-) Everything is Minecraft this year. All Minecraft, all the time.

He should be embarrassed by the sheer volume (measured in metric tonnes) of presents he received his year. One very lucky, spoilt dude. He got a Chromebook from us - a faster, sleeker computer than I ever had when I was eight... shaddap.  Ooh and a spectacular robotic arm kit from Nana and Papa that he spent quite a few - at times, frustrating hours - with daddy, assembling. 

Happy birthday Spike! You are actually as ace as you think you are - and that's certainly saying a lot!

LOTS of love, 

Mum Dad Mo and that mental dog who lives here. xxxx


Mid Year Catch Up - Epic!


That's what everything is, if you were wondering. Epic. "That was EPIC!" "Oh my gawd, that jump was EPIC!" "Wooo, EPIC fog!" "That was totally, EPIC dinner, Mum." 

You get the vibe? It's Epic. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find un-epic things in his orbit.


This kid is 7 now. Half way through Grade 2. Plays guitar, basketball and Little Athletics. He's in the Boys Aerobics Team at school, can swim a decent lap, ride his bike and jump off most things. He's also discovered that when placed in a cross country long distance scenario, he can run a long way, quickly!


S: "Sport is like my hobby."

M: "Yes, it is."

S: "...I thought you'd laugh at that." 

Life is an opportunity be noticed. To be "on". Cute now, but leaning towards wearing... Learning to "Pick his moments" is proving a little more difficult to master. But, like I said, he's only 7. 

He's just got his first mouthguard. Why does a kid who plays mostly non-contact sports need a mouthguard? Well, let's just say he tends to lead with his face!

Being uber competitive and aggressively tenacious will serve him well, in a lot of ways... or be his undoing. :-) 

To say he's all together too excited about the mouthguard, is an understatement. To say that I'm all together too amused that it makes him gag, falls into the same category.

He's got a great bunch of buddies. They're a fairly active lot.

It's hard when they start making their own friends - kids you haven't personally vetted. But so far, he's making pretty good choices.

All in all, so far, A good year!

Top Moments
(as picked by Spike)

3. Luna Park with Daddy, Mo, Mum and Arnie was a highlight. "The human/beachballs were, (can you guess?) EPIC!" 

2. Going to the top of the Eureka Skydeck with his Dad and brother.

1. Burying the Time Capsules. 


He turns 8 in October.

Ridiculous! 8? Who ever heard of such a thing?!

The 7yo Thing's Mother xx