A Request 

Mo seems to be asking us for something here... we're not sure what... if ONLY he could convey his wants and needs... meh! I'm sure he'll get around to telling us, in triplicate one damp afternoon.

This kid's a corker! Funny, non-shut-uppy, loving, LOUD, an hilarious mimic. Loves, loves, LOVES music. Has absolutely zero, zip, nada rhythm. Cruel fate! He's still quite contrary, Mary. Shooting up, like a weed, he can eat and eat and eat.  Buuuut, right now he's going through his, "I only eat muesli bars" phase. He'd probably live on muesli bars, yoghurt, 'chicken things' and joooooose, if we let him. *(we kinda let him... hullo 2nd child!)

Mo and I have been enjoying our Spike-free time in the mornings. We hang out, bounce on the trampoline, go back to bed, eat muesli bars... We bust out the Play-Doh and I 'eat' about 4kgs of "Look Mum, I made you piiiiizza", "NO! Not like that, don't eat it all." "Give to me, I'll make you icecream." So that's fun. :-/

  My favourite thing he's doing right now is saying, "Congratulations!" and giving the thumbs up - except it's not his thumbs, it's more his fingers and he's kinda pointing, up! heh! Whacker! He's so desperately in love with dogs and cats. Any animal really. "Oh Mumma, look at the sweety!" which means dragging him along on a walk to the shops take s long, long, looong ass time! "Hi sweety!"

He's much more aware of others, than his Mother-Taking-After-Megalomaniacal brother. That's not to say he isn't chockful to the brim of MINE MINE MINE's! "I need it" is a favourite saying. "But I NEEEEED it!"

The jokes on him - the only thing he NEEDS is a vegetable at dinner time!

Almost 3yrs old! Where in sticky hell has that time gone!? Up a tree? In a vault? Beside a llama in a paddock near Spike's school? "Ooh look Mumma, a strange sweety!

You are Mo. You are!

Your Loving Play-Doh Eatin' Mother xx 

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I'm Two n' a Half & I Get Jokes!

No really, I've got it down pat. Set up, set up, set up....

Plus, HE can talk - here's Spike's knock knock jokes from when he was a year & a bit older than me.

Mo Flynn xx


My 2011 Tweets

She'll never find us here. what a doofus!
 morrisonflynn    Totally had Mumma and Daddy ALL to myself today.    
Hangin' out with Daddy -
before he throws me to the cheetahs.




No, YOU go "wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!" 


Talking to Ye Olde Nana on the reproduction Bakelite Bluetooth phone. 

I totally smashed it.

Sleeping in with Mumma. 

The hills are alive with sound of Morrison...
Yeah, I've been tweetin' for ages now. 'bout half my life, actually.
That's how I rocked it last year.
Twitter it's SO last year.
I might Path, this year.
mofly x



The Hat

Betcha can't find a recent photo of me without my hat. I love my hat. It's black and has two little antennae. Kinda like a cute My Favourite Martian, what ever that is? I've taken an unholy shine to this hat and it's been on my head pretty much 24/7 for the last two, maybe three months?! And when I say 24/7 I mean I wear it all day, I sleep in it and it better still be on my head or close by when I wake up in the morning (which calls for some surreptitious removal, washing and replacing overnight). It's a top hat, so to speak.


Not that you'd know this about me. Neglected over here. Since August. I'm four inches taller and speak fluent Mandarin since you were here last...  Poor me. My Mum's birthday, then Spike's birthday... I guess it's a miracle they still remember to feed me most nights.

Lucky Nana and Papa remember who I am! :-)

Mostly, I am just KICKIN' it! Hanging out with the olds and my brother. He goes to kinder a couple of days a week and Daddy is working HEAPS. Mumma is still busy with her international modeling career but she takes time to HOLD ME DOWN AND TORTURE ME! [evidence entered above]

Sure, I chat. But not as much as Spike. Maybe it's because I can't get a word in edgeways? I'm pretty tall and have good eye hand coordination. I can kick a ball and roar down the hill on my bike.


I have a new found fascination for cats! Spike's buddy, Mackenzie has one (that's me, above with Mackenzie's brother Kasey. We're two.) It's the World's Most Patient/Stupid Cat. It lets me pick it up, by the scruff of the ass and the middle of the back and carry it over to the desk to be loved. Be loved, Kitty. BE. LOVED! I love it by the handful. And all he can say is, "Raaaaaaaooooooowwww". He looks funny with his ears back but he must really love me cause he keeps coming back for more and more and more!

Mumma is talking about getting a miniature goat to, "keep the grass down".  I think if it's miniature enough, I can make it sit on my lap and be loved too.

Wont that be great?!

MoFlynn, 2 & 1/2yrs old xxoo



So, what's our little head on a stick been up to then?

This is how he has to carry his huge head around nowadays.

Well, not quite. But from some angles, it looks like an easier option!

He's defiant, contrary, funny, loud, dextrous and strong.

He LOVES; Daddy! Nana, Papa, puppies, babies, baked beans "Beeeeeeeeens!" bath time, bagels with or without cream cheese, juice "Joooooose!", books and his big brother.

He DISLIKES; Egg, being told what to do, random lumps in his food, being told what to do, waiting his turn and being told what to do.

So long as you have that list straight, he's pretty easy to get along with.

Both kids have taken to mountain life with gusto. SO much room to run around, get muddy, ride bikes and explore.  There are two little girls next door (Mikayla and Ella) who are the same age. Adorbz, naturally. Morrison is every bit the social creature that his brother is. Everyone gets a hug or a handshake, for more formal occasions. If he really likes you, he will take his dummy out before he kisses you.

We ask him, "What's your name?"


"How old are you?"


"Are you smart or cute?"


Sums it up, really.

Love this kid of ours!       

Mo's Mumma and Mud Wrangler xxoo                                            Mo occassionally tweets here.