Mo Movies

Let's revisit the lovely, lovely winter. T'was very early in the season and there were sleds involved.

And now for a story. More recent. I'll wait while you grab your popcorn.

And that's how a three year old tells you a story. Only, multiply that event, by roughly, one million. You're gonna need more popcorn if you want to watch the unedited cuts is all I'm sayin'.  Better get yourself a drink too.

So, to reiterate;

Snow - Excellent when still.

Stories - Also Excellent albeit time consuming.

Happy, funny, stubborn, chatty little boy.

Available for smoochin' and potty training.

Seriously, who wants to potty train this kid?  SOMEONE HAS TO!


This is why they're cute. So you don't kill 'em.

Mo's Excellently Patient Mother. xo


If It Pleases The Court...

It's a horrifying scene to wake up to, but it's what faced Daddy when woke up.

Scene, The Kitchen.

Evidence : Half empty juice box. 

Scene of an apparent murder/suicide or juice box accident.

A gallant attempt at a clean up, awaiting further forensic examination.

Violater : Absent miscreant.

Conclusion :  It seems that will always remain a mystery.


But I guess we could ask this soaking wet child in the playroom, when he wakes up.

Quincy xx


Morrison Balboa


Or something.

I never saw the movie.

Mo's Corner xxxx


Life in the Mo Lane

"I love you. We be best friends for ever, Mumma." [eyelash flutter, leaning in for a hug]

"Yes, we be that thing you said, MoMo." [heart melt]

Pause  "Good. Best friends like bickies. Bickie please?"

"You planned this, all along, didn't you?" [heart solidify up again, like a bullet hole in The Terminator!]

Bickied up child runs away, giggling like a maniac.

He can be SO sweet. And SO defiant! Holy shit, can it chuck a tantrum?! He threw one so spectacularly theatrical the other day, I could not reprimand him, because I was hiding behind the kitchen bench, laughing too hard!

He's got an independent streak that runs deep and a competitive thread that's just starting to rear it's ugly head. But mostly, he's just a big bag of mush! He still LOVES his dummy "and my two cloffs" (two identical tea-towels that he takes to bed. One for over his giant head, one to hold... how did this start again?!) We're trying to wean the dummy. It's only for bed time now and he's pretty good about that... but every now and then he sneaks into his room, gathers up his contraband and takes it to his little couch in the playroom.  You can hear the 'suck suck suck' from space. :-) Tiny little dork!

Morrison is our Indoor Child. He likes riding his bike and bouncing on the trampoline but prefers playing indoors with his cars, trucks, trains, Octonauts and Play Doh. He does follow Spike outside but is usually back in first. He is his mother's child. 

And as you can see from the above, he likes to be other things! This dragon suit is a firm fave. Ditto the dinosaur one and on occassion, he can be a frightening Somalian Pirate!


Aaargh me hearties, indeed!

It's fun being your Mum, Mo. And I will be your best friend, for ever. So there!

Mo's Ma xxoo

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Today, I am three.

I will tell you, I am smart.

I will tell you, I am three.

I will tell you, I know I have a great idea! I need chocolate, pleeeeeese?"

And I can do a stellar Steve Martin impression, "Excuuuuuuuuuuse Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

I am the perfect three year old.


We love you, you giant head on a stick!

Mumma, Daddy and your loving brother, Spike xxxxx