3 months

Morrison & Ox. 3 months. Morrison & Ox. Three months.

Slowly working out the controls on the Mumma and the Daddy unit that came with my life. The Mumma seems to be a bit more highly strung than the Daddy but also, more cuddly. The Daddy is waaaay calmer and has a deeper voice, aside from that they're both pretty excellent. The loud sibling unit they call, Spike always seems to be .5 inches from my face, repeating my name and reminding me how tiny my fingers are. He's cool!  He is also VERY handy for dummy retrieval duties (a hunk of velcro on my chin would not go astray, people!)


Tipping the scales at an impressive 13lbs 11oz (5,950gm) a whopping 59cm (23") long and an almost-off-the-scale head circumference of 42.5cm sees Mo; a big boy! Very happy, mostly. Starting to chat up a storm and has a great throaty laugh. Also comes with Air Raid siren standard wail, great for getting attention.

Morrison's hair has a life of its own. Each day brings a new do. Wild it is! Just like our wee boy. (don't miss out, click on that last pic if you do nothing else with your day. hairlairyarse)

who's cute?mo mohawkhairs there

Mo thinks his swing is the kickingest place to be. All the cool baby’s hang out in their self propelled swings.  Dumb babies lay on the floor. :-) He really is, for the most part, bar those days I just want to give him away to passing strangers cause he wont sleep and is being a clingy pain in the arse, the most delightful kid! The chatting and the laughing earn him a lot of extras lives. ;-)

Who could resist this face?

tah dah!

I thought so.

Mo's Mum xxoo


2 months


Morrison and Ox.  Two Months.

Time flies when you're growing up!  Life is good in Mo Land.  I get fed - ON demand (highly recommended)! I get to sleep where ever I want and I am carried from pillar to post.  Downsides are few.  My brother Spike thinks he's 'musical' so he likes to play his 'hannukha" (harmonica) approximately .05 inches from my face.  Bless 'im.  Aside from that, life's' pretty cruisy.


I've chunked up to a whopping 5.1kg (11lb) have grown another 4cm in length (which explains why my size 0000 stuff no longer fits) and my hat size is also increasing. I'm smiling like a big flirt and am increasingly aware of all that goes on.  And I'm sleeping pretty well - better than my brother did at the same age!


Morrison is losing that 'newborn' look by the day!  It's heartbreaking! He's a demanding little diva - patience not being a high priority on his "Things To Cultivate" list. And he's VERY insistent when it comes to "Pick Me Up Now Please".  He only asks nicely, once. To counter that behaviour, he's got a smile that stops traffic.  A HUGE big ol' grin! (Spike's a little worried there are no teeth in there.)  So, he's surviving it all juuuuuust fine!


He's a funny, intense little thing.  He likes to lay on his 'activity' mat (I could be so active!) and bat the things hanging in view and sacking out is great to do in the swingy chair - so long as Spike doesn't give it a good "push, Mumma?  Too late."

Morrison is getting chatty too - it seems to be a family trait (not passed down from father's side). :-)  [Being with] Nana is by far, the best spot to hang out but Mumma's arms come a close second. Daddy is pretty excellent at bouncing him up and down and we're on 24/7 Spike Smother Alert as he loves on his baby brother.  Mo's mohawk is not as impressive as Spike's was but his dark hair is abundant and gorgeous. They're quite different little creatures.  Interesting, it shall be.

Whatchoo looking at Spike?

Now, if I can just get the boys to synchronise their afternoon naps, I'll be in heaven!

Mo's Mum xxo

One Month

Chatting With Daddy Daddy has to go back to America (whatever that is) to see Granny (whoever she is) for a couple of weeks (like, my whole life!) so I'm taking Mumma (the one with the floppy face) up to Nana (the comfy one!) and Papa's (the big handed guy) house.  Me and my brother Spike (the big loud blonde one) can get spoilt to smithereens until Daddy comes back home (I'm pretty sure that's the joint in Fitzroy with all the stairs).


I'm weighing in at a respectable 3600g - 7lb 9oz (1lb 1oz up from my birth weight). 50.6cm long (I'll be out of those 0000 clothes in NO time!) and my head is filling up with stuff - to make room, it's 37cm around now.  Looks like I'll catch up with my scone headed brother and Daddy after all!

I'm starting to get niggly between 5pm - 11pm, just to keep everyone on their toes you understand.  I usually cry cause I'm hungry, wet,  hungry or hungry.  I'm hungry a LOT.  Staying at Nana and Papa's means there'll be plenty of hands to help feed me.

MummaPapa BottleWithNana

And trust me, when I decide it's Feed Time, it's gonna take ALL hands on deck.  A little trick my brother may or may not have taught me... I'll never tell.  I'm no snitch!  Nevah!


Mumma is slowly getting better and we talk to Daddy every day - thank you Skype (whatever you are) and we're all happy Granny Allie is moving into a new place.  We hope she likes it too.


Morrison is very much a"second baby" - we don't have charts and routines and spreadsheets.  He just gets fed when he bellows for it (frequently) changed when he's wet/or dirty (also falls under the category, Frequente).  Instead we have "when did I feed him last?" conversations and he is not under excruciating respiration surveillance heh This kid has it totally under control.  Having said that... if he was born first, he would have been an only child.  Spike definitely lulled us into a false sense of, "Oh this baby shit is EASY!"  We don't call him DemandMo for nothing.

Yawn Zzzzzz

Lucky he's so deliciously perfect.

Mo's Mum xxoo

First Few Weeks...

Sleeping, eating, wanting to be changed and cuddled.  Demands are running at a low speed.  Just as well because Mumma is sick, sick, sick!


Morrison has spent more time in hospital than at home in Fitzroy in his first few weeks of life.  It appears severely limiting Mumma's lung function causing us to be hsopitalised at 27 and 32 weeks wasn't enough.  Now she has Bells Palsy, with pain.  So we're in and out of both the Women's and Royal Melbourne hospitals with an extra couple of visits to the ER for rehaydration and pain relief.  So far, no wards have been named after us but a parking spot has been roped off. Baby steps...


At Morrison's 'official' discharge date from hospital.

weighing in at 3 kg - 6lbs 6oz.  46.5cm long.  head 35cm.
political affiliation, democrat/ALP

Mo's a very passive, intense little boy who just wants what he wants.  Formula S26, a dry bum and a cuddle thanksverymuch.  Luckily, those seem to grow on trees!  (the cuddles, not the dry bums)

It's PapaIt's Nana!Uncle BigAunty ChookRinne RooArnie

As you can see, he has an abundance of dark sticky-up hair, dark skin and dark blue/green eyes. His 'favourite' toy is Ox (note, the eyes), the large yellow Ugly Doll and a little colourful giraffe from Nana and Papa.  Giraffe does not have a name yet. We must get Mo's big brother, Spike on to that.

0 with Ox Giraffe

Morrison is a cord blood donor.  Is your kid?  3 weeks old and already accomplished SO much.  It must be time for a nap...

Mo's Mum xxoo

Morrison Flynn Scott

Arrived, April 1st. Of course.

New Baby


3.1kg or 6lb 8oz - take your pick.

46.5cm long. 35cm head. And for those playing at home, Apgars of 8 & 9.

im yer muvvar...

LOTS of dark hair.

HUGE feet!

my 3 boys!!

Demonstrates intricate knowledge of muon-catalysed fusion and fond teller of reactionary war tales.

Named after/in deference to, Chris Morris and John Clarke. Two top funny, lovely blokes.

brother lee love

Let the games, begin.

THE First Family

Blissed out Mother, Chilled out Father and Big Oblivious Brother! xxoo
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