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I Am Six

i turned six, as you all know. Twice. I had a party, before my birthday (before Comedy Festival) and I had cake AGAIN on my actual April Fool birthday, which is the day I got born. It's Daddy's day too, so we share but mostly it's about me.

"My friends and I went to JumpDeck, which is super rad fun. They've got a whole warehouse full of trampolines and upstairs is a great play centre thingy with air cannons! I was happy to have nearly you all there that day and also thank you for the presents and coming to my party.  We jumped a lot. My favourite bit was jumping in to the ball pit, Shourya had to help me out a couple of times which was silly and fun. We also loved climbing up the ladder, running along the ledge and sliding down the trampoline walls on to trampoline bases and bouncing away.

Thanks to Angus, Tild, Jordi, Spike, Lucy, David, Chase M, Shourya & Travis for sharing my day with me. We had heaps of fun! Sorry you couldn't make it Oscar, Abby, Ben, Scott and Jordan  - maybe next year. "

The change from 5 to 6?  Super loose front teeth! He was fairly sure they'd pop on his actual birthday - they might if he stands still long enough for a loving parental elbow in the moosh. :-)  

He continues to learn piano, swimming and has recently taken up parkour with his brother Spike and his almost brother, Oscar.  Now that Little Aths summer program has finished, there's talk of perhaps, karate.  Minecraft is still a heavy hitter in this house, as is all things Lego. 

He is STILL opening presents - very spoilt kid this year. Mostly gracious and very appreciate of anything in gift wrap - he was a typical 6yo this year... "So, is that for me?!"  His new 6 geared mountain bike (a must have for hill kids) is a little too big, so he's happily upgraded to his brother's old BMX bike and the new one is on stand-by for another 6mnths.

Spike also scored as we bought two bikes in an eBay flurry not oft seen in this house. Both geared mountain bikes, virtually the same size - the birthday boy just got to choose the colour he wanted. Red, for those playing the home game. 

Happy birthday Mo Flynn! You're a pretty cool dude with those big green eyes and wicked quick grin. We love your sense of humour, your compassion and the way your little mind works. You're an interesting kid.

Lotsa love, 

Mum, Dad, Spike and the mental dog who lives here. oxo