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Learning to Walk or Zombie?

You be the judge.

Finally, he's off and running. Morrison sure took his sweet time and it was bliss! Now, nothing is safe from sticky, grabby fingers. He's also very good at stairs. But that's a story for another day.

lotsa love,

Mo's Spotter xx

Well, It IS Cold & Flu Season

Quiet + small boy = trouble of some sort.

Luckily, i needed a tissue. Bingo! Someone was there to help.

What? this? You want one?

The cheeky minx is going from strength to strength. He CAN walk, he just THINKS he needs to hang on to something, which is fine by us - whatever will keep him from destroying all those things which ARE in arms reach, if you're standing. He's got plenty of time to discover his true destructive potential.

Mo's Mum xx

He's Got A Cute Way Of Walking

Wind up legs and no end of energy. The boy's bionic.

Go Morrison, Go!

Mumma xo

11 months

Morrison and Ox, 11 months. Morrison and Ox, 11 months.

I did it myyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaay!

where'd he go? I am This Cute All Rise

That will be his anthem. Crawling, in the traditional sense has been replaced by much more hilarious side bum scoot-crawl method. Much like his mother did! Fast? You betcha sweet breakable things within arms reach he is!

Everyone comments, what a happy, content little boy. And, they'd be right. He is. Happy. Content. Why wouldn't he be? His every whim is catered to, every day! I'd be friggen happy and content too! In fact, let's try it. I'll wait...


Cruising the 11kg (22lbs) mark and stretching out to around 76cm (30") tall.  Still perusing the adult section at the milliners and getting towards that end for shoes.  Can we say, 'clod hopppers'? Mo's finally growing those curls his brother brandishes so wildly and his hair IS lightening up a smidge. He's got too many teeth to count so just be warned, don't put yer fingers in his mouth to retrieve your car keys. And because he won't crawl, in the conventional sense he does spend a  lot of time landing on each side of his massive forehead as he takes a fast corner. It seems he is permanently sporting two bruises, either side of his face in various stages of grey/yellow/black. It's quite festive!

And just cause I love it, here's a pic of Mo being held by Papa. Rumour has it, they are the same species!

The Claw!

Here's his brothers page, at the same age. Mo weighs more but they're about the same height. Spike was more mobile but Mo is louder! And as you can see, both so cute as to relegate any other children to the retarded lumps category. I know it may seem unfair (to other retarded lumps) but I'm just here to report the facts, Ma'am.

Now that big brother, Spike goes to kinder two mornings a week, Mo and I get some alone time. It's so much fun - especially if I can get him down to nap - just me and the mini demolition derby in a nappy. I could smooosh his perfect, round face into a million pieces.

He still loves Ox (seen above) and is sure to gnaw Mr Cullen's (giraffe - his only two eyed toy!) antlers off, any day now.  Stanhope (his myopic, three 'legged' mini ugly doll) also gets a good sucking.  He loves anything that makes a noise and is adept at making anything, make noise.  I reckon he could raise a din with a bag of cotton balls.

This be his latest trick. Overnight he's decided he loves to stand up and move.  It wont be long... won't be long til I can send him to the shops to buy me a bottle or two of wine.  You'll see. (and yes, his father called him, "Spike". We ALL call him Spike at least once a day.)

Mo's Mumma xxxo

10 months

10 months and growing!

Mo and Ox, ten months. Mo and Ox, ten months.

Mo's outgrown the Jumperoo! It's more like a baby catapult at this point, so he's graduated to the Sesame Street Walker or Sesame Street Tank and Combination Snow Plow. True, we are bereft of snow here in Melbourne, so let's call it a Furniture Plow. A Family Plow. A HIgh Performance Demolition Ball! We are a unit of skinned toes and banged-up shins. He calls me, "Bruisy".


When he's not 'confined' by Australian Safety Standard meeting plastic, he's on the floor tearing around on his Lazy Susan belly and commando elbows and toes. He's fast. Loud and fast! Having recently discovered the reflective kick plate of the oven he usually bee lines for the kitchen to talk to himself. Unfortunately the oven has a hidden shelf that is opened by kicking it in the right spot, or it seems, by talking to yourself so enthusiastically that a baby high five will eventually reveal the dusty inner sanctum. And as a note for those playing at home - the wild gesticulator does NOT like being taken away from this discovery.


Having been given the All Clear by Dr Patrick Lo at RCH, "he's just got a massive head... like your husband." :-) Mo just gets bigger, heavier and longer. Up over 11kgs (22lbs), around 74cm (29") and look, let's just forget about measuring his head ok? His brother's 2yr old hats don't fit him... the kid's ALL noggin!

He's discovered food and thinks it's A-Ok. He'll eat an interesting array of different things, kilos of mashed spud, pumpkin and vegemite. Raw beans, cruskits, also by the kilo and the meat out of Daddy's Vietnamese rice paper roll. Loves yoghurt, weetbix and pureed fruit and the other day had his first ice cream in a cone. HILARIOUS!

He really is a joyous little booger.  Turns himself inside out when he sees Daddy come home from work. Will try to shake himself loose from your grip when he sees Nana and has a similar reaction to a full bath/pool!  I guess he'll start cruising the furniture next and then, walking. I'm in NO hurry. You stay a baby a little longer thanks, Mr Big Noise.  Oh and please continue to sleep through the night!!

Mo's Mumma xxxx