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Seriously? Seven? Yup. Seven. 

This year it's all Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh. Amazing how they have the capacity for all the complex rules and characters and variances - yet, putting your shoes away after you take them off remains a mystery, something that one can't possibly be expected to commit to memory. That kind of task would take up too much Yu-Gi-Oh room, one expects.

Anyway - tis birthday time which means, "Grab yer harnass Mavis, it's time to climb!" We took the kids to an indoor climbing place and let them loose. I wandered the perimeter and took photos, whilst drinking coffee. Mo and his new BFF, Ben. Cousins, Tild and Angus. Will, Brody, brother Spike - of course. Sweet Lucy, Jasper, Jordie and Elijah. The kids were great. It's taken a few years to find a nice combo of kids at school - last year was a disaster! But touch wood - so far, so good. 

Mo - from 6 to 7. A little taller, a few more acting gigs under his belt. A new BFF and two magnificent teachers. Still playing piano and enjoys going to the skate park. Soccer is played, but very much in his own style. The kid'll make an excellent coach, one day. Swimming is coming along in leaps and bounds.  He's enjoying reading the Far Side cartoons right now. Interestingly, he gets the subversive, quirky humour. Mo, you definitely march to the beat of your own drum and it's utterly delightful. We love you more than a cash stuff sofa on Hard Rubbish day. 

Happy 7th birthday, buddy. xoxoxox


Now I Can See

"This eye is fuzzy sometimes."

"Yep buddy, sure it is. You're probably tired."

"It's frustrating when I can't read it all."

"Put your book down, it's time for sleep, Bucko. You'll be right."


"Read that top line."


Mum thinks. 'Woooo, he's WAY off!'

Bring him back and we'll pop some eyedrops in and test him again. 

"Top pupil action, Mo. They're HUGE!" 

"Thanks Spike. They feel weird."

"Top line please Mo."


"He's long sighted and that right eye is the main culprit."


"Cool, so I get to choose some glasses?  Hey, these are pretty epic."

Damn straight, kid! So yeah. Glasses. Good ol' Four Eyes. He's chosen some kicking frames - for reading, screens, tv etc... Doesn't need to wear them outside when he's playing and definitely NOT on the trampoline. heh! And a pair of sunnies because, gotta get the  most out of your health insurance! 

We go back in 6 weeks to see how much of a difference they've made and to make any adjustments he needs. The optometrist is hoping he might even grow out of needing them, with that right eye, correcting itself.  Either way, he's happy. Happy he can read ALL the text now, without getting tired. 

Plus - epic.


I Am Six

i turned six, as you all know. Twice. I had a party, before my birthday (before Comedy Festival) and I had cake AGAIN on my actual April Fool birthday, which is the day I got born. It's Daddy's day too, so we share but mostly it's about me.

"My friends and I went to JumpDeck, which is super rad fun. They've got a whole warehouse full of trampolines and upstairs is a great play centre thingy with air cannons! I was happy to have nearly you all there that day and also thank you for the presents and coming to my party.  We jumped a lot. My favourite bit was jumping in to the ball pit, Shourya had to help me out a couple of times which was silly and fun. We also loved climbing up the ladder, running along the ledge and sliding down the trampoline walls on to trampoline bases and bouncing away.

Thanks to Angus, Tild, Jordi, Spike, Lucy, David, Chase M, Shourya & Travis for sharing my day with me. We had heaps of fun! Sorry you couldn't make it Oscar, Abby, Ben, Scott and Jordan  - maybe next year. "

The change from 5 to 6?  Super loose front teeth! He was fairly sure they'd pop on his actual birthday - they might if he stands still long enough for a loving parental elbow in the moosh. :-)  

He continues to learn piano, swimming and has recently taken up parkour with his brother Spike and his almost brother, Oscar.  Now that Little Aths summer program has finished, there's talk of perhaps, karate.  Minecraft is still a heavy hitter in this house, as is all things Lego. 

He is STILL opening presents - very spoilt kid this year. Mostly gracious and very appreciate of anything in gift wrap - he was a typical 6yo this year... "So, is that for me?!"  His new 6 geared mountain bike (a must have for hill kids) is a little too big, so he's happily upgraded to his brother's old BMX bike and the new one is on stand-by for another 6mnths.

Spike also scored as we bought two bikes in an eBay flurry not oft seen in this house. Both geared mountain bikes, virtually the same size - the birthday boy just got to choose the colour he wanted. Red, for those playing the home game. 

Happy birthday Mo Flynn! You're a pretty cool dude with those big green eyes and wicked quick grin. We love your sense of humour, your compassion and the way your little mind works. You're an interesting kid.

Lotsa love, 

Mum, Dad, Spike and the mental dog who lives here. oxo



"I am. I am four. I used to be three and next I'll be five, but right now I'm four. I got a helicopter and a camera and a new suitcase for my holidays and some cake and chocolate and I got all my friends!"

This kid of ours is quite definitely the Cat's Footsie Pyjamas. He is also the Bee's Arthritic Knees and knows where the Dog's Denim Jacket is... ok. Well, you get the point!

Four. FOUR!? Seriously!


His new waterproof camera had almost 100 photos on it in the first 10 minutes he owned it. Luckily he has a brother who loves posing - as they say in the classics, a match made in heaven.

As I said to him when we tucked him in after his day, "We are so lucky to be yours. And I'm really glad you don't live in me any more."


Happy Birthday Mo Flynn! We know you're going to have a fantastically awesome year.

Mumma, Daddy and your big brother Spike. xoox


Kinder Kid? Me? Totally!


Meerkat t.shirt and skinny jeans? Check.

New yellow bag, with a planet on it? Check.

New lunch box and drink bottle? Check.

Cute eager little kid who knows alllll about kinder? Double check!

Yup, it's that time of the year. Our adorable head on a stick is off to big boy kinder.

Does he rock it? Ah, have we just met?!

He went in, surveyed the scene (a skill his brother does not really possess - Spike's more your go in, ask questions later kinda guy).

Mo put his ginormous lunch box in the bucket, his drink bottle in the other and went out to play.

As luck would have it, there's a sandpit. He watched the other kids for a while. Hands on hips, quiet intent. Then he moved amongst them. Gently patting one after another on the head and saying, [with] equal parts gorgeous and patronising, "Well done!" and "Good job!" 


He waved a goodbye to his brother and Daddy but asked me to stay for a bit. Of course, then I was totally ignored while he went about his business. Digging, finding and supervising.

Up to the top of the Pirate Ship and over to the swings. Into the cubby house and along the stepping stones. He and another tiny boy called Gus dug feverishly in the sandpit for dinosaur bones, "I found it!" and also set the rules of the Racing Game.  They were off.

I was summarily dismissed when it was time to line up and go inside to hear a story. "Mumma, you go now. I've got everything under control."

He did too.


Pasting. Painting. Puzzles, Play Doh.

All his favourite things seem to start with P. 

Playing. pBooks. pWater. pSandpit... ok, I'm pushing things now. :-)


It's a sweet little kinder at the foothills of the mountain. Some of the other kids there have followed their Mums and in one case, their grandmother in attending that particular schooi! It's relaxed and serene. The kids are all SO tiny! How their parents have let them out of the house is almost unfathomable...

I stayed for "Talking Circle". Mo was in his element. I saw vast shades of his older brother. It was so fun! There's a little girl in his class who is quite the Little Miss Confident. All chatty and Look At Me. I think I love her.

But, back to my two. As my best friend (and their Arnie) calls them, Gummy and The Posing Meerkat.

Couldn't you just smash them to pieces and apply them liberally to your face?

Sweet, funny, demanding, non-listening, loving, lovely boys.

I do believe, we hit the jackpot.

Gummy & The Poser's Mum xoxoxo

PS I've just realised Mo is wearing the same jeans and hat that Spike wore on HIS first day at kindergarten.

That's either really sweet or a flagrant abuse of hand-me-downs. 

Sorry Mo! xxxxxxxxxxxxx