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Acting For Kids, 101. with Mo Flynn

I did a bit of acting this year.

Acting is when you pretend you're someone else. Not you, pretending to be someone else, but really pretend you aren't Mo any more and you're this other person.

I got to be a zombie cowboy, a crash test dummy and a kid. The last one was really hard! I'm kidding. Get it? Do you get it?

Acting is so much fun. You get to put on weird clothes and super ooky make up, there's usually pretty good food there too. Plus, money! I'm saving all my money. i did buy a piano but I need more money for something else... I don't know what, yet.


You have to learn your lines, and wait. There's a bit of waiting but you can usually play games on a tablet or a phone (if you're lucky).

I did this little short film with Mum's friend, Fiona (O'Loughlin). It was rad fun. Epic. We pretended to be mean to each other but she's really very nice. And she's got the fluffiest cat called, Mrs Fooks. I'm allergic to cats. I know this now.

Dictated to Mum, by Mo Flynn, age 5. x

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