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Lost tooth miracle; Tooth Fairy may have lost her mind.

It's gone! We didn't even know he had a wobbler... poor second child.  We went to pick him up from school and Miss Morrish said, "There's been some excitement here today..." 

He'd been helping his friend, Shourya disconnect a couple of bits of stubborn Lego - and like any industrious 5yo, he used his teeth. It did work, but there were consequences, discovered when his other friend Ferne said, "Oh Mo! Here's your tooth!"

Mo's version of the story - relayed directly to his Arnie over the phone.

"So how did you lose your tooth, Mo?"

"It was a Lego situation."

Older brother, Bragger Child #1 was pleased for his brother, but took every single available and not-so-available opportunity to turn the story back to himself... "Oh yes, that reminds me when *I* lost *my* tooth..." "Yes, Buddy, but this isn't about you."  "Ah yes, *I* got American money for *my* first tooth, because you know, we're half American..." "We know Spike. This is Mo's moment." "Funny, hey, remember when *I* lost *my* tooth at school Mrs Stelling put it in a little envelope..." "Spike!" "Me, me me..."  "I, I, I..!"

Bed time rolls around, the single bloody-stumped tooth is washed and prepared for a certain nocturnal tiny-enamel loving Sprite with an abundance of cash to come along. 

Husband says, "What do you think he'll get?"

"It's gotta be something grand." says I.

Bemused smile creeps across aforementioned husband's face, "There's a one hundred dollar bill in the drawer..."

He shoots, he scores!

We were woken from our blissful slumber by this exclamation from the Playroom.


Braggy Child #1 was incredulous and - I have to hand it to him - VERY gracious. Cashed Up Kid #2 was mystified and keen to get the $100 in to his piggy bank without delay.


The full glory of this story wont be realised for a few more years. But it's gotta rank right up there as one of my favourite parenting moments. - thus far.

Well played, us. Well played.



So, what's our little head on a stick been up to then?

This is how he has to carry his huge head around nowadays.

Well, not quite. But from some angles, it looks like an easier option!

He's defiant, contrary, funny, loud, dextrous and strong.

He LOVES; Daddy! Nana, Papa, puppies, babies, baked beans "Beeeeeeeeens!" bath time, bagels with or without cream cheese, juice "Joooooose!", books and his big brother.

He DISLIKES; Egg, being told what to do, random lumps in his food, being told what to do, waiting his turn and being told what to do.

So long as you have that list straight, he's pretty easy to get along with.

Both kids have taken to mountain life with gusto. SO much room to run around, get muddy, ride bikes and explore.  There are two little girls next door (Mikayla and Ella) who are the same age. Adorbz, naturally. Morrison is every bit the social creature that his brother is. Everyone gets a hug or a handshake, for more formal occasions. If he really likes you, he will take his dummy out before he kisses you.

We ask him, "What's your name?"


"How old are you?"


"Are you smart or cute?"


Sums it up, really.

Love this kid of ours!       

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