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Not so much frogs, snails or puppy dogs tails.

More drool, mess and a non-harmonious or discordant group of sounds!

Aint they, bliss?

Blue Mo



The Ratbags' Mother xxoo

6 months... 

Six months, with Ox. Six months, with Ox.

Gigantor continues to control the city.  Not sure of his stats this month but I do have 'tennis elbow' or more pointedly, 'giant baby carrying elbow'.  Such a happy little tock.  SO routined.  Sleeps all night - has done for a COUPLE of months now.

Let's see - Sitting unaided?  Not a chance in hell!  Is only half rolling over.

Drooling unaided?  Absolutely!

Teeth?  Has one tiny white bugger breaking through, bottom row, front, left.

Movement?  Violent and vigorous.

Hangin! behind

Sleeping?  Like a perfect,perfect baby.  In bed by 9p, up around 8ish.  Will sometimes hang out in our bed for a hour or two if he wakes up early and go back to sleep.

Has just started properly investigating food.  Like his brother, not too jazzed with Farax.  Doesn't mind some pureed fruit and thinks icecream is a-ok!

At this age, Spike was getting close to crawling.  Mo wouldn't have a red hot clue!  Both boys were/are chewing everything in sight and love to yack!  I believe Mo is MUCH louder than Spike ever was!

And man, do those boys love each other? I shall remind them when they're screaming at the other to "get out of my room" in a few years. I shall remind them and make them read their blogs. THEN write me a report.


2 3 4

Mostly, MoMo is completely adorable.  Funny as muck and just the best thing to have around when it comes to smooooochin' time!  Can also whip up a cheese soufflé at the drop of a beret.

Mo's Muscle Armed Mother xxxx


Thumb sucker

From front to back.  Like a lurching ship. Crreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaak, slam! He COULD lurch from back to front, he gets a-l-m-o-s-t there then has that look of "eh, fuggedaboutit - that Blonde Boy will get it for me."  And the blonde boy does.

My boys

He's gifted.  in control of the Blonde Boy.

And enormous!  He's definitely, enormous!

Mo's Mum xxoo

5 months

Morrison & Ox. 5 months Morrison & Ox. 5 months

Well, we're officially off the charts.  SO far off the charts we've been referred to a specialist to make sure he's "just a boof" and not "Preparing to destroy Tokyo".



7670g (16lb 9oz) 66.5cm (26.1") and the chart busting melon, measuring in at a whopping 47cm!  The 105 percentile and a rapid increase overall the last 2 months.  This REALLY does explain how his clothes can fit him then NOT from ONE week to the next.  It seems we have given birth to, Gigantor.  (Cool theme song, though.)


The Doctor looked in the bassinet and smiled.  Well, I didn't look and think, "Holy crap this kid's got a big head."  Then she pulled back the blanket.  "Oh ok, now he's got a big head."  Then she looked at Spike.  "But so's he!" She's right. We are the Big Bonce Family.  No doubt about it.  Either way, we'll have him checked out at RCH then pick him up a neck brace!

Happy little bugger, he is.  Lays around, chewing his hands.  Yacking away to whom ever is in earshot - or not.  He doesn't mind.  He will still yack.  Yackity yack yack yack!  HUGE smile, to go with the huge head, I guess?!  He's become quite used to his brother launching himself towards him at 100 mph but it still makes my heart stop a little bit.  "Seriously Spike, he will be able to crush you between his thumb and forefinger by next week... pace yourself and earn his trust!"

He's not rolling, too top heavy.

He's not sitting, how could he?!

He's not competing in the next Olympic Games... unless they add Neck Strength as a new event.

Olympic committee - if you do.  It'll be Gold Gold Gold for Australia!  Here they are, tied for Gold.  Spike and Mo Big Head. I'm SO glad they were both caesarian sections!


Mo's Mum xxxx

Dear Mo


Dear Mo,

Today I dug a piece of cheese out of your mouth that your brother put in there cause, "Look Mum, he's hungry."

Yes, I heard you choke a bit but I would have checked eventually.

tickle smooch

You're welcome.

Your loving, vigilant Mother xxxx