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Seriously? Seven? Yup. Seven. 

This year it's all Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh. Amazing how they have the capacity for all the complex rules and characters and variances - yet, putting your shoes away after you take them off remains a mystery, something that one can't possibly be expected to commit to memory. That kind of task would take up too much Yu-Gi-Oh room, one expects.

Anyway - tis birthday time which means, "Grab yer harnass Mavis, it's time to climb!" We took the kids to an indoor climbing place and let them loose. I wandered the perimeter and took photos, whilst drinking coffee. Mo and his new BFF, Ben. Cousins, Tild and Angus. Will, Brody, brother Spike - of course. Sweet Lucy, Jasper, Jordie and Elijah. The kids were great. It's taken a few years to find a nice combo of kids at school - last year was a disaster! But touch wood - so far, so good. 

Mo - from 6 to 7. A little taller, a few more acting gigs under his belt. A new BFF and two magnificent teachers. Still playing piano and enjoys going to the skate park. Soccer is played, but very much in his own style. The kid'll make an excellent coach, one day. Swimming is coming along in leaps and bounds.  He's enjoying reading the Far Side cartoons right now. Interestingly, he gets the subversive, quirky humour. Mo, you definitely march to the beat of your own drum and it's utterly delightful. We love you more than a cash stuff sofa on Hard Rubbish day. 

Happy 7th birthday, buddy. xoxoxox

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