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Now I Can See

"This eye is fuzzy sometimes."

"Yep buddy, sure it is. You're probably tired."

"It's frustrating when I can't read it all."

"Put your book down, it's time for sleep, Bucko. You'll be right."


"Read that top line."


Mum thinks. 'Woooo, he's WAY off!'

Bring him back and we'll pop some eyedrops in and test him again. 

"Top pupil action, Mo. They're HUGE!" 

"Thanks Spike. They feel weird."

"Top line please Mo."


"He's long sighted and that right eye is the main culprit."


"Cool, so I get to choose some glasses?  Hey, these are pretty epic."

Damn straight, kid! So yeah. Glasses. Good ol' Four Eyes. He's chosen some kicking frames - for reading, screens, tv etc... Doesn't need to wear them outside when he's playing and definitely NOT on the trampoline. heh! And a pair of sunnies because, gotta get the  most out of your health insurance! 

We go back in 6 weeks to see how much of a difference they've made and to make any adjustments he needs. The optometrist is hoping he might even grow out of needing them, with that right eye, correcting itself.  Either way, he's happy. Happy he can read ALL the text now, without getting tired. 

Plus - epic.

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