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The Zombie Apocalypse Is Upon Us

Take one small boy. One brilliant make up artist. One studio. One sick day crashing into Mumma's gig and a warehouse FULL of the most wondrous things a small boy child could ever hope to see and what have you got? A Very Tops Day.

Mia'kate's (the utterly brilliant aforementioned make up artist) studio is inside a bigger studio that houses the most eclectic group of cinematic artists.

Special Effects Makeup Designers, Prop Makers, Art Directors and Production Designers. 

Everywhere you look, there's something else amazing to see. A gigantic, shiny 10ft tall robot. A wide variety of skulls - human, animal, prehistoric and current. Large fiberglass injection molds. Partially painted body parts. Witches. Skeletons. Fully finished gory dismembered corpses. Posed animals. More skulls! Styrofoam models. Wizards. It's, as the kids say, "epiiiiiiiiic!"

Mumma had an appointment with Mia'kate to sit for some portfolio work she was putting together. Mo was sick that day. "Don't worry, bring him along." she said. "Hi" said Mo as he clambered up into her make up chair. "I'd LOVE to be a cowboy zombie, please!" "Can I?" said Mia'kate. "Knock yourself out." said Mumma.

That kid crowned his mother, Best. Mother. Ever!

In a flurry of fake blood, bottled "dirt", tooth black-out and more fake blood this little Zombie Vampire Cowboy was ready.

Posed in a checked shirt and handed a severed foot, the camera clicked.


(check out the size of the grin in the pic, above right) :-)

I think it's probably going to go down in the annals of sick day times as the best sick day, ever. EVER.

Mia'kate is the make-up artist. The art director. The prop maker (gross foot there, Meerkat!) AND photographer. Some people have just a little bit too much talent to be fair.

Here's her finished product.  What a happy boy!

Afterwards, we were sitting in gorgeous cafe on the Williamstown foreshore. I was on the phone and I noticed we'd neglected to wipe some of the blood off Mo's neck. I pointed to it and handed him a napkin. Mo got down off his chair, walked up to the lady sitting next to us and tapped her on the arm. He whisperd, "It's just fake blood, I was a Zombie Cowboy earlier. Now, I'm normal again." And he returned to his seat. 

THAT is my boy!

Mo's Show & Tell at school after this was pretty.... yup. Epic!

Mo's Model Mother xx


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