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Unpacking Stuff Is The Best!

The new couch was entombed in nine thousand metres of foam and plastic. Mo was adamant he could help.  Surely not, we thought? How could he possibly help?  Ah. Touche! Never thought of that, Tiny Man.


Morrison Flynn remains, THE most contrary child on the planet. 

Mo, you seem parched, come have a drink?
But you've been in the desert for nine days...
Ok, fine. Don't have one.
Drink?! Peeeth?

Eh, at least we've beaten manners into the boy. He's obsessed with puppies and babies.  Will lose quite a bit of his mind if he sees either. Stand back if she sees both! He's got his system and he sticks to it. A grabby second child. Demands, yells, gets attention.  Is cuter than a packet of ducklings in sugar syrup which is why we've let him retain all four limbs.  He has a SOLID bedtime routine and quite frankly, you're getting killed if you deviate from the script. Killed in the face!

He's got his posse.  They're a tight bunch, been together since he was born, mostly. Uppy is the new guy on the block.  He's a rhinoceros from our recent Zoo expedition. He doesn't say much.  Ted's been around for YONKS!  Ted belonged to his great grandma, my Nana.  A Saint's supporter but he's not an asshole about it. And of course, Ox. Ox has been around since Day Uno. Ox has a great sense of humour or timing or something cause he quite often makes Mo giggle.  Bedtime involved these three guys, two tea-towels, some milk and an episode of Creepy Guy. Don't deviate.  Remember the killy-face-thing I warned you about? It will happen.


During Comedy Fest I had an excuse to go to RRR to do a couple of radio interviews (not about panel beating or macramé contrary to popular opinion) and on one occasion I had to take Mo with me.

Sure, give him some headphones and a dead mic, he'll be fine.

Or no, you're right. He'll yammer all the way through it. He'll press buttons. grab mics, activate a dolphin sound effect on my iPhone and what else - oh yeah, yammer yammer yammer!  Funny. Little. Maggot.

He still doesn't talk anywhere near as much as his big brother did/does/is still doing but he's making his mark. We've always called Spike, Demando. But Ben has dubbed Mo, Insisto.  Insisto Indeedy!

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Hey beautiful Miss Fahey,
You're right, he is just too cute. I hope Spike is doing well now. Catch you soon

May 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLee-Ann Jones

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