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I am...






Violently allergic to mozzie bites.







Excellent at dinking. 




Totally ace at multi-tasking.







The boss of not warning before leaping!






A top notch slobber faced pasher!







Succinct when getting my point across.





And can totally rock the undies and nappy look when I've "accidentally" fallen in the pool on the way OUT - late for a date.


Mo is funny, LOUD, and a shocking mimic! He's determined, obnoxious, taller than average and sweeter than honey. He still takes a nap mid morning, if you time it right.  If you don't then kiss goodbye the two seconds you were going to have to yourself.

He loooooves his big brother and greets Daddy like a recovering amnesiac every night. He's a smooch hound, a flirt and a yabbering stack of yum!

He's a linguist. The inventor of his own language that we've all had to adapt to!

"Eee Guy" - Creepy Guy AKA I'd like to watch, In The Night Garden please mother.

"Piiike" - Spike, he's my brother.

"Gaggy" - AKA Daddy.

"Muuuummy!" It's the same in both languages. Who knew?!

"Peeeth?" - Please, I asked nicely now give it to me.

"Ba-boos" - Bubbles. Furnish me with the bubble solution and the blower please, woman.

"Ghee!" - There's shit in my dacks, remove it immediately! 

Not to be confused with, "Ghee" - Clarified butter often used in Indian cooking.

 And mostly, he is great at pulling focus. How could you not. All curls and that adorable face.

You stand no chance. You face, Our Mo!


 Mo's Maaaaa xo

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