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7 months

Seven Months, with Ox. Seven Months, with Ox.

'ullo Big Boy. 'ullo Big LOUD boy!

Here's a link to my brother, Spike at the same age. I'm bigger and have more teeth but he was more mobile. WAAAY more mobile. I'm enjoying the whole being carried around and coddled phase. I'm also MUCH better at sleeping than he was; this makes me their favourite.

Ahhh Boo!

Mo's started eating baby food and has declared himself to be not too fond of the sweet stuff, except custard (although that's more milky thick than fruity sweet). He loves carrots and pumpkin (we can't get smooshed peas here but I'm pretty sure he'd dig 'em) and yesterday he tried 'bangers n mash' which he thought was pretty great! He's a maniac for a rusk and will strip that bad boy in no seconds flat with his two vicious front fangs.

sitting slouching balancing

His favourite toys are, his giraffe who has no name and is excellent to chew on. His car keys, which he loves to chew on and Ox... whom he loves to chew on (I'm detecting a pattern here) most things end up in this kids mouth. So, if you've lost something, drop us a line.

Although he doesn't want to hold his own body weight up in a sitting position, he does prefer this vista. Ergo, the Jumperoo and his brother's old walker are great places to be! He can scoot that walker backwards, alllll over the joint! He IS rolling over now but doesn't like to be on his stomach for very long - it's probably too much effort to hold his giant head up! We have a follow up appointment at the children's hospital for another head measure in February - if he's still WAY off chart but following his own curve, that will be the end of it but if it's just growing like a giant pumpkin they will want to MRI his noggin. That means a general anaesthetic so Mumma is very much against this whole adventure. Otherwise, all is well. He is the decibel machine, full of drool and noise! Loves his brother and the feeling is mutual.

Our two boys.


Mumma and Daddy xxxx

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