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MICF Recap - Coming Up For Air

A recap. Not when you get a new hat, but a look back. Back to last month. What happened there?!

FIRST - we can not move a word further without giving our undying love and thanks to wickedly delightful, Jennifer Wong. She was our Sophie and Emoji. And she was perfect! Thanks for making us one of your THREE shows!

Tim. The very Reverand Dr Tim Harris is and has always been our 3rd Itchy nipple. He makes us be better than we are and we're SO lucky he still wants to play with us - after all we've done to/with/at him over the last TWENTY years. Thanks Tim. Holy shit, thanks!  

Jacq, our tech. What a friggen GIFT she was! Flawless, you answered our wishes! Zillah. Sarah. Jo. Susan. Gideon. TONY! etc etc etc...

Our first festival back in - we had been saying, 12 years but then it dawned on us - it's been 14 years! Utterly ridiculous, right? Right!

Now, here we found ourselves back. Back in a sinking pile of financial debt, surrounded by complicated and hilarious props and a truck FULL of sets and equipment.

By all accounts, it should have had 'disaster' written ALL over it. In misshapen, poorly spelled words. Miss CandyGirl's keeper (me) broke her arm the Saturday before opening night, which meant amongst other things, I couldn't drive myself in to the city, or put on my wig or carry anything heavier than a perfectly balanced bread bag!  Both Linda and my income streams had slowed to a trickle. One of our cast members lived interstate and wasn't available for on the spot rehearsing and our 3rd Itchy had a life and other jobs of his own to maintain throughout the madness. Oh plus, his beautiful mother passed away right at the beginning of the 2nd week of shows.

We'd built a set to the dimensions of the plans we'd been given - but one of us was wrong! We had a very technically involved show with lots of  cues and clips and interactive pieces - the drive of the show depending heavily on an acutely competent tech.  Our preferred time slot - which we'd cleverly chosen because we thought we'd not be fighting too heavily with other acts for an audience was suddenly absolutely chock-a-block with choices! 11 shows at 11pm?! What the merry frig were you thinking, Margaret? 

So - how was it?

It was exactly a STUPID amount of fun. Exhausting, emotionally complex and brimming to the tippy top with FUN. We fought for an audience. Most nights, losing badly! heh We're abundantly grateful to everyone who DID attend. Our new legion of beautiful Twinks and our long standing, loyal Bears. And blessed be those who stumbled in on a whim. For those of you who didn't walk out - we love you! 

Also, we remain eternally grateful to our parade of wonderful interview subjects or, Fucken Cunts In A Cage participants. You were all cuntariffic! 

The incredible beard that is, Dave Callan. Beautiful Joel Creasy. The totes fun, Sam "Bullshit" Petersen. Bev Killick (who was sitting in the audience, unprepared - but filled in admirably for Lawrence Mooney who sat up the back our room as long as he could then raced off to a conflicting gig). The thrice throned, Fabulous Adam Richard. Duck lover, Kate McLennan. The ridiculously fun, Nath Valvo. The exquisite bone structure of Rhys Nicholson. And audience member Luke - who filled in for Anthony Morgan who was detained at another gig but did turn up after the show to watch us get changed. :-) And we finished festival off with the insanely talented Wes Snelling's aunt, Tina del Twiste. Our previous partner in crime and darling bud, Fiona O'Loughlin and if you're trying to think of THE perfect end to ANY festival - then you're going to want to get yourself some of the utterly amazing, Sam Simmons. 

All of that, up there. THAT is as much fun as you can ever expect to have with your best friend in a stinky taffeta frock and tight wig. Are we doing it again? Bet your stash of hair pins we are!

For now - Fringe Festival next. September. We'll run in some new stuff, say goodbye to some old. I'll try not to break any of my limbs and we've already secured ourselves a more respectable timeslot!

Stay tuned!!

Mince off of Itchy xx


Want Some Free Grub?

GIVEAWAYS! Not Getaways with Catronia Rowntree. GIVEAWAYS!

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Our new business cards arrived.
The box says, "warm wash, tumble dry".


The lady told us "you need business cloths" or something. We told the lady. "Hey, do you want us to bite your cat in half?".  After the police left, we went home.

Gerda disappeared into the parlour, ripped down the curtains and by jingoes, before you've had time to wack eleven dingos, she'd made us some executive limity edishun, beeswax cards all by herself!  We didn't even like the curtains in the front room, any way. Who would?!

Would you like one? It's our way off of saying, "Ta, ta for not being Spanish too hard."

Like normal business cards, they're great for croying at sad movies or bad connerdy festival shows. Butt-plugs, RobGuest what else?!  Gerds says, "they are orlso great for sex wee!" (She's gonna be a bride, one day. So, she should know.)



Relaxing after a nice glass of *Sophie Juice. *We'll explain later.

Click here to enter your address so Mr Vim (Postie)
can deliver your prize.

You do want one?   Well aren't you just the normalist?

Click that link up there, shoot us your snail mail and we'll post you a present. We have limited number of these totally useless business cloths and we wanna give them away - TO YOU!

it gets off of better.

When you bring one of our cloths to our MICF show we'll offer you -


  1. A ride on Alphonso.

  2. A photograph/grope on stage with Miss Candy-Girl.

  3. Or, a totally professional dental exam, FOR FREE by Miss Gerda who is preeeetty sure she went to Dentist's TAFE, over the Xmas break.

I know!
We're not sure how we're still in business either?!

We're planning to release some truly nice and normal stuff (some old ABC footage - deemed to weird to ever air). Some even WEIRDER stuff from the Dusty Springfield Archives of yesteryore.  Some of it might even involved the Happiest Place on Earth? Plus, Creepy Black Bats!

All that and more coming up in the lead up to our Comedy Festival Show premiere. If you've never retweeted or shared our stuff with your friends before A) we understand and B) we hope you'll want to soon.  Remember, a burden shared is a burden halved.  Thanks!


Stay chewned!

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What's Alphonso Doing in the City Square?

So what IS doing in the Siddy Skware? Cheeky pony!