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Miss Itchy's Lazy Susan - 1.



How To Get On The News Without Hurling Yourself Down a Russian Mountain!

The bewflioust Me'bun Internashernall Connerdy Fistival had shes lovely launch today. @JoelCreasey shot 'er up a flag pole and we all saluted.

MICF Launch Melbourne International Comedy Festival from Miss Itchy on Vimeo.


What we noticed about the launch... they had cakes there! HEAPS of cakes! Cakes, chocolates and fairy floss and sure, that stuff's nice but what you really want at a launch is a box full off of our own Sexy Lollies (TM)

They went very fast. For those of you playing at home, the favourites were, "Sex Wee" "Pants Finger" "Tits" "Ooh weh" "Tub Me" "Dick & Balls" "Whelp Hole" and "Fuck Buddy"

Oh yeah and we played with balloons and talked to nice *people with nice hairs who even smelled nice. Gerda showed most of 'em her man pants. (They haven't been washed since 1998 so they do have a lovely patina about them.)

* journalists

It's totally tops that the Comedy Fistival is going to start in 94 hard seconds.

It runs from March 27th all the way through to April 20th.

OUR show - Miss itchy's Late Night Larvae is on at the Town Hall, each Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. 

The other days we have to do our community service so, you know, you will mostly find us hanging out at the RSL and/or in the Dress Barn oddments bin.

Miss Itchy, supports the troops! And Damian Callinan

You never know what you're gonna find. That's why we advocate shoving yer hand in and hoping for the best. JUST like the comedy festival!

Here's some websites you're gonna need. Hard.

Click 'em!

Save 'em for later.


This one  ^^ up there. Good job.

Conndery Fistival

buy tickets here!


Fambily Planning - you'll need this if you've had too many Sexy Loll-Lolls (TM) and go on a bender.

We are here to (w)help!



safety first

Here we are, keeping Brunswick Street safe, that one time.

For those playing at home, Gerda has a can of Abalone down her man pants.  

The answer we were looking for is, Abalone.

Well done to those winners, contact us to redeem your pride prize.

With Miss itchy, *everyone's a winner.

MI x

*YOU are not a winner if you said "baked beans."  What self respecting Gerda would shove a can of hammy baked beans down her chaps dacks? What's wrong with you? Are you mental?!