safety first

Here we are, keeping Brunswick Street safe, that one time.

For those playing at home, Gerda has a can of Abalone down her man pants.  

The answer we were looking for is, Abalone.

Well done to those winners, contact us to redeem your pride prize.

With Miss itchy, *everyone's a winner.

MI x

*YOU are not a winner if you said "baked beans."  What self respecting Gerda would shove a can of hammy baked beans down her chaps dacks? What's wrong with you? Are you mental?!




It's that time off of year again. Do you want your xmas, holy? Or HOLY JEEBUS IS SHE WEARING A FELT BEARD? Book! Now!

Laaaadies.  (gents welcome, bring a plate)

*you don't need to bring a plate, but it would be nice, wouldn't it?






Miss Itchy together with the always sexawellations Fiona O'Loughlin and the mildly palatable Linda Haggar and the probably infected, Fahey Younger bring TWO NIGHTS ONLY of ridiculous chat, sketch and wild stand up at the Eureka Hotel in Richmond. They may have to tent the joint afterwards - for delousing.

What are you waiting for? Spay your cat and arranged your glitter ponies in a very neat row!


Tickets selling like tickets that everyone wants!

Mince Inchy xo


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