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Late Night Larvae - Show 1

This magestic beast was our first, glorious, Fucken Cunt In A Cage can it get sexier? Come find out!

See Dave's amazing show, A Little Less Conversation, here



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We're watching Miss Itchy videos that tv didn't want u to see! You can too-share this link  

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Want Some Free Grub?

GIVEAWAYS! Not Getaways with Catronia Rowntree. GIVEAWAYS!

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Our new business cards arrived.
The box says, "warm wash, tumble dry".


The lady told us "you need business cloths" or something. We told the lady. "Hey, do you want us to bite your cat in half?".  After the police left, we went home.

Gerda disappeared into the parlour, ripped down the curtains and by jingoes, before you've had time to wack eleven dingos, she'd made us some executive limity edishun, beeswax cards all by herself!  We didn't even like the curtains in the front room, any way. Who would?!

Would you like one? It's our way off of saying, "Ta, ta for not being Spanish too hard."

Like normal business cards, they're great for croying at sad movies or bad connerdy festival shows. Butt-plugs, RobGuest what else?!  Gerds says, "they are orlso great for sex wee!" (She's gonna be a bride, one day. So, she should know.)



Relaxing after a nice glass of *Sophie Juice. *We'll explain later.

Click here to enter your address so Mr Vim (Postie)
can deliver your prize.

You do want one?   Well aren't you just the normalist?

Click that link up there, shoot us your snail mail and we'll post you a present. We have limited number of these totally useless business cloths and we wanna give them away - TO YOU!

it gets off of better.

When you bring one of our cloths to our MICF show we'll offer you -


  1. A ride on Alphonso.

  2. A photograph/grope on stage with Miss Candy-Girl.

  3. Or, a totally professional dental exam, FOR FREE by Miss Gerda who is preeeetty sure she went to Dentist's TAFE, over the Xmas break.

I know!
We're not sure how we're still in business either?!

We're planning to release some truly nice and normal stuff (some old ABC footage - deemed to weird to ever air). Some even WEIRDER stuff from the Dusty Springfield Archives of yesteryore.  Some of it might even involved the Happiest Place on Earth? Plus, Creepy Black Bats!

All that and more coming up in the lead up to our Comedy Festival Show premiere. If you've never retweeted or shared our stuff with your friends before A) we understand and B) we hope you'll want to soon.  Remember, a burden shared is a burden halved.  Thanks!


Stay chewned!

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