Itchy TV

Ah Ladies Fighting in Cake - Sexy & Gluten Intolerant.

The reason the Princess Theatre was built (for and by Ma'am)

"I feel sick. I remember washing dresses and wigs and you after this. You can't ever get rid of the smell!!!" - Leanne Parsons

Extra New! Some Animal Husbandry, Itchy Style (see below)

NEW! Some old stuff from last century - the Creme de Menthe show


Blind Date Night.  Gee, I hope mine's alright.
(Quote - I wish there was a "OMG" tag to click - "like" would NOT be quite right")

Chickens With Arms!


Do You Wanna?


Do You Wanna, Mr Vim the Postman?


Your Food is Ringing.


A Christianful Natividdy Play

A HardCore Prawno?  You asked for it!