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Up up and .... what the hell am I doing?!

Spike finally got his tiny passport. He looks nothing like his weird lil picture. Then again, I dont look much like mine anymore either. My latest passport has one of those, "omigod I've lost my passport and now I have less than 9 days to replace it" photos. My hair is pulled back, my eyes are all wonky and I've got the above expression on my dial.

Leaving Australia is ALWAYS difficult. Especially now. No matter how many times I try to pack and repack and repack (all those hours playing Tetris seemed to have served NO purpose at all!!), no matter how many times I try I just can not get Ma & Pa in our luggage for the long trip back. Pffff! Stupid air hole needing humans.

Well, we will be back. Sooner, rather than later. And certainly after summer! The upside about leaving is we now have a whole new bunch of people to introduce Spike Riley to. He's been very good about meeting new people, thus far. He even knighted a couple. "Arise."

But tomorrow, we get to fly home to Daddy.


I agree. That is a bloody good idea!

Ben and I have always said we want to chase winter. December - April/May in the northern hemisphere. May - November, down under. Bloody good plan, eh? Ye-he-ess.

I'm taking Valium - so I'm sure Spike will have a great flight!

I promise a more substantial update when we're all back in the one house.

Much love,

Moi xxxx

Oh and to pass the time you must go here and suffer the consequences. Then you must email the lovely Rich Fulcher and curse him because you cant get his song out of your head.


Trick or Mooooooooooooo

Ahhh, couldn't you just fire up the barbie and cook yourself a slab of this tiny cow? Spike's first Halloween costume. A size 00 cow suit. He filled the top half of it and his little hind legs just dangled. I think he'll fill it out - next year! How did I have such a tiny child?!?


It's the perfect outfit though. He's just like Kobe beef; milk fed and massaged every hour, on the hour. And occasionally we rub him with sake. He's showing us that he's got quite a demanding little personality (oh dear!) and a cry that could substitute for an air raid siren (oh dear!). He's very fond of laying on his play mat staring at (or just off to the left of) his Beverly Hills bunny and his Clayton monkey. He doesn't like to get too hot (oh dear!) and does like to be carried around and cooed at (who does he remind me of...). He is completely great at being a baby. Hubbalicious is completely great at being a stay calm daddy. And moi? Well... I guess I'm getting the hang of it? You know, if 'getting the hang of it' means sleeping 5 out of 24 hours and crying when he cries. Then yes, I am totally 'getting the hang of it'.

Ma & Pa Younger are in their glory each time they see the little chap. He also reports to be quite smitten with all their love and attention. Of course, he behaves himself like a perfect little gentleman when we're out visiting, saving his "They're trying to kill me" cry and fussiness for me when we're at home, alone. *sigh* I will get my revenge in his teenage years... this is what I keep telling myself!


At a delicate 3 weeks old he is already providing us with MOUNTAINS of paperwork to trudge through and complete on his behalf - including a trip to the American Consulate tomorrow to register his birth so he can have himself a little dual citizen Yanky passport. The Consulate asked all the regular questions; Name? Spike Riley. Date of birth? 10/10/06. (the same in US and Aussie speak.) Hair colour? Blonde 'n spikey. Eye colour? Blue. They also wanted to know his occupation... We couldn't decide. Student? Infidel? Remora? Hand model?

AADaddysHand.JPG There is in fact, so much paperwork to wade through that our return to the USA has had to be pushed back a couple of weeks. Daddy will be travelling back a little earlier - a little too keen to enjoy the last few uninterrupted sleep-filled nights and his last long haul flight, sans enfant. It's okay, I have put a call in to United Airlines and asked that he be seated as close to crying quads with colic as possible. It makes you appreciate the small things...

Spike and I are looking forward to some more time with Ma & Pa. No doubt about that! A little extra time to soak up some more Aussie-ness before we head back to Yank Land. A little more time for Spike to meet and greet everyone. But it does suck that our tiny new family will be separated for even a short time. We hope to be back together around Thanksgiving. Either way, it will give Ben time to get the LA house ready for Spike. You know, the little things like a bed. A car seat. A soundproof box. All the things we didn't have time/money/a clue about getting before he was born.

Two final points - to answer the questions you have asked. There is NO doubt about it, Spike is quite the little boy. He looks like a boy. Acts like a boy. He even has a penis (which as I understand it, is the deal breaker in this category). Some babies look like androgynous pink blobs - not our boy. Just one look at his tiny face and you know, "that's a fine lad you have there, Missus". The other thing is, he really does look like his daddy. To quash any doubts, here is a photo of Spike in his size 000 black t.shirt.

Daddy's Boy

Uncanny, innit?

Ok, til next time. Much love from us all.

F B and SR xxxx

Spike RileySpike Riley

Where's The Manual?

I checked the bassinet. I checked under his bunnyrug. I even checked in my pants in case it was just late arriving. It seems ridiculous that with such a major household acquisition there would not be an owners manual! Preposterous, even!

First Day Home - Spike

We're about 9 days into this mother/father/baby thing and it seems none of us know what's going on. Well, I suspect the baby knows something, but he's holding his cards very close to his chest. I hate cards.

Nanna Marj and Spike

Spike and Grandpa

We've said goodnight to a good nights' sleep but hello to the dearest little boy on earth. I think they make them that way so you don't smother them early on in the piece.

Spike and Ben

Spike and Mum

Will keep you posted. In fact, Spike can write the next update his ownself.

Til then.

Us xxxx

Ladies and gentlemen - announcing Spike!

Spike meets his mum
The incredibly beautiful, insanely brilliant and utterly toothless Spike Riley Scott was born on October 10th at 11:15pm (Australian Eastern time) by emergency C-section at Monash Hospital in Melbourne. He weighs in at an astonishing 7lbs5oz (not the 54lbs his mother predicted) and stands (when propped up) 19 inches tall.
Spike and Grandparents
Behold the face of perfection. More news to come when we're all less filled with Morphine...
Spike Riley Scott
Mum, Dad and Spike. xxxx

Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Everybody outta the pool...

Time's up!