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A Stop Motion Merry Xmas

Hey! So there's all that food and all those presents!  The house is resting under a typhoon of shell packaging, gift wrap and gross tonnes of over indulgence.

We decided to do a Stop Animation movie for Xmas this year. We expect the awards to start rolling in, any second now.

Please enjoy our Xmas 2012 video which is excellent enough to show off to your friends, relatives, associates and assorted well-wishers.  And for the first time - this is a world premiere, for those with a good internet connection only - we are making ourselves available in high-definition too!  I know, high def, who'da thunked it?  Take that, terrorists!


Ben would like to apologize for the quality of the narration, but the directrix wouldn't hear of changing it.

I would like to unpologise for the cuteness of the smallened actors. It's just how we made 'em.

Merry All That, you lot!

Lotsa love, 

ME, Him, Mini Me-Male Version and Interesting Combo Platter Boy xxxxxxxxxx

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