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Have You Checked The Children?

I am childless.

Not in any legal sense, I believe I DO have to go and collect each of my progeny when "the bell goes" but for right now, I am childless.

These two ----> are both at their respective places of higher learning/germ incubators. BOTH could not be happier to be out of the house!

It's kinda weird. 

I'm reading similar tales from friends and friends of friends on my twitter feed. FaceBlech has a mention of it too.

There's lots of:

"It's too quiet here."

"I feel lost."

"Anyone wanna meet up for something? Anyone?! Hullo?"

Me?  Well, you are NOT going to understand this at all, unless you too have small humans in your home, but...

I just had lunch, right? Cop this, By My Self. The WHOLE thing. In ONE go!
I know!
Ridiculous! As IF that kind of thing can even happen!?

No one asked for "just one bite". No one snuck (it's a word) in a slurped up the dregs of my coffee - which as everyone knows, is the best bit. AND get this, it was still WARM!  No one complained about their cheese being 'weird", no one wanted to swap a "yucky" grape for a "rounder one". Pfff! Amazetastigals!

With full disclosure, in that time I have also ahd nine panic attacks each time my new phone (that's another story!) makes a noise because I think I'm late for picking up the smaller of my two posers. I am not. I've got another HOUR to myself. A whole human hour. Woo.

There's probably washing to do (oh shit there IS stuff in the machine I must try not to forget) and the floor could really do with a clean of some sort but, that shit can wait until Wednesday when Young Johnny Hands On Hips goes back to kinder again.

Ok, I admit it, the silence is WEIRD!

Here are MY Simple Tips To Alleviate The Weirdness

Yelling  Punctuate the silence with random, "Stop It!" and "Get OFF your brother!" and "Because I absolutely fercucken said so!" 's.  Don't worry about the neighbours. She's just WISHES she thought of it first.

Mess  Take it upon yourself to smear vegemite on your clean frock, right where everyone can see it. If you're feeling adventurous, you can spill a full glass of something sticky all over the floor. Draw on the wall, you know you want to. 

ABC2  Crank it. And admit it. You miss hearing the soul destroying repetitive droning of that sinister Yo Gabba Gabba.

Wipe A Strangers Ass Ok don't. If you want to get OUT of practice, be it on your head.

Drinking. Well, der!

Simple, homespun methods guarenteed to lift you out of the weirdness. 

Don't worry, school holidays are coming up again soon.


Viva le School Year!

Spike and Mo's Mum xxxx





Your heartbeat threatens to pound out of your chest.

Your senses become heightened but not in any practical way.

The hollow gut punch you feel threatens to bring you to your knees for the rest of your life.

You embrace hysteria all the while searching, wishing, hoping frantically for that person you love.

The flood of relief you feel when you spy him/her casually leaning on the swingset/car/their bike renders you, useless.

Not getting that relief would be unbearable. It must rip what's left your mind, into a million pieces.

I think that's why we were so overwhelmed by the story and subsequent coverage that followed Jillian's disappearance. "It could have been me." 

And every fifteen minutes of every day, that IS the story for someone. 

They're not all photogenic. They're not all young and pretty. They don't all work for a public broadcaster. I guarantee most of them, you'll never have heard about. I also guarantee, every single one of them is loved by someone else. 

Every single one of them has mother and a father. A sister or brother. A wife, a husband. A best friend. 

According to Federal Police, every fifteen minutes of EVERY day, someone is reported missing by someone who loves them. Over 35,000 missing people, per year *Australia.

“There was a public misconception that someone needed to be missing for 24 hours before they could be reported as missing. This is not the case, and we urge people who are concerned about the welfare and whereabouts of a possible missing loved one or acquaintance to report it to their local police.”

More than 95 per cent of people reported missing in Australia are located within a short period of time, but some 1,600 people still remain missing in Australia.

Here are some of them.

Someone's darling son.

Someone's brother. Someone's boyfriend.

Someone's Papa. Someone's husband. 

Someone's Mummy. Someone's sister.

All these profiles were taken from Missing Person's website. There are hundreds of these profiles. Hundreds. Every single one of these listings means there are people out there, right now whose hearts are shattered. Their lives, utterly disrupted.

You see, it DOES happen to you. These people are YOUR neighbours, YOUR work colleagues, one of the other Mums from school pick up or one of the blokes at the Footy Club. Just because their loved ones aren't covering mastheads and news bulletins does not mean their hurt is any less authentic.

Australia extends it's heart to the Meagher family during this unbearable time. We mourn with her family hoping desperately that this is the very last time we'll ever hear of such a story.

Sadly, it wont be.

So what can you do? You can be alert. You can report crime. You can be vocal about perceived danger - whether it's real or not, don't you owe it to someone else's family to speak up?

You have every right to get angry! We can't be bullied by the small amount of evil on this planet. You have the right to feel free, to be safe. You have the right to wear what you want. Walk where you want. Be where you want to be. With this right is the responsibility to take care of each other. Extend yourself. Don't ignore your gut instincts.

And finally, please visit the MissingPerson's website. Perhaps you'll recognise a face? A name? Maybe you can bring some closure, some calm, an answer for another decimated family. 


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