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Xmas 2014 - Not Normal

It hasn't been a Normal One this year, at all. But we were together and we ate things with faces and things that came out of things with faces and even a few things that the things with faces like to eat. We laughed, drank and loved. Love to your family* from mine. I hope you're as lucky. f xxx

*except if you've got a shit family.

See Ya Later, 2012. T'was Nice Being In Ya.

We had beaches and snow and Nanas and Papas and Aunties and Cousins and Uncles and Arnies and lost teeth! and starting school! and bunk beds and friends and rockets and segways and birthdays and solar panels and coffee and Octonauts and bikes and babies and art and walks and fog and falls and snow an anniversary and a wedding and the Olympics and school plays and skating and neighbours and Lakes and Daddy and Mumma and love and cafe and new cameras and puppets and pocket money and brothers and swimming and paint and cake and moustaches Laser Tag and stand up and jumping and Trocks and BBQ's and Legs and Little Aths and Xmas. Phew!

What did YOU do?

Lots of love from us up here on the hill. xxxxxxx