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2015, Our Year In Review

Although, it has been a shit one for many. We remain pretty lucky. Skating through the year with only flesh wounds, 2015 has been ok. The boys have now finished grades 1 and 3 respectively !! (excuse me while I have a little lie down) and are looking forward to bigger, better new year adventures. Me thinks surely ONE of them will get a job this year?!

Ben catapulted us into the future with the long-wanted purchase of an all-electric car, named Claude [we didn't name him, he came that way]. The perfect to and fro car. Zippy as hell up our hills and saving us $100's a month in petrol. As soon as we throw a few more solar panels on our roof, Mr Helios can start fully paying for our transportation (and the use of our microwave and washing machine). 

In April we acquired a new fur baby - who ironically is probably the oldest thing in the house - Mr Boyd Harris you slipped in, seamlessly. If you could just sort our your shedding problem... ;-) 

Linda/Arnie and I have performed a bit more than recent years. Such wicked fun and an extra delight to work with SO many new (& old) pals.  Miss Itchy remains the best fun you can have in a tight taffeta frock with your very bess fat fren. THE. BEST! 

Mum AND Dad have frequented the Eye & Ear and Eastern hospitals at a rapid clip this year, earning them both designated parking spots right at the front door.  However, an end of year clean bill of health makes it OK. [We wont even bother bringing up MY ridiculous hospitalisation this year!].

Noel and Julie got married, on Mum and Dad's 50th anniversary! A very relaxed, casual fun day. Angus summonded a Dr Who vibe as he played the role of Best Li'l Man and Tild was resplendant in blue teeny bridesmaid of honour. And now there's another Julie Younger in the world. ;-) 

And Helen finished off the year with a last minute trip to ER to get 4 stitches in her hand! That's why she can't have nice, shiny, crystal things. Onya, Sis. 

We've had holidays, fun, LOTS of sport, great food, fun adventures and indulged great art - in all it's forms. Thanks 2015 - we're done with you now, please shut the big brass door on your way out. 

Here's our year in review [in 350 odd pics] - you'll might even see yourself. 


Our Year 2014

It ended weirdly... Mum got pretty sick, right before Xmas. She's out of hospital now, waiting on more tests and exams. Up until then - all in all, not too shabby a year.

2015 - get your ducks in a row, we expect a pearler!

Love to all xx


See Ya Later, 2012. T'was Nice Being In Ya.

We had beaches and snow and Nanas and Papas and Aunties and Cousins and Uncles and Arnies and lost teeth! and starting school! and bunk beds and friends and rockets and segways and birthdays and solar panels and coffee and Octonauts and bikes and babies and art and walks and fog and falls and snow an anniversary and a wedding and the Olympics and school plays and skating and neighbours and Lakes and Daddy and Mumma and love and cafe and new cameras and puppets and pocket money and brothers and swimming and paint and cake and moustaches Laser Tag and stand up and jumping and Trocks and BBQ's and Legs and Little Aths and Xmas. Phew!

What did YOU do?

Lots of love from us up here on the hill. xxxxxxx