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Comedy incubates some interesting souls. Awkward, brilliant, needy, intuitive, hilarious and some fragile maniacs. What is rock solid clear, I have made the very best friend of my life in this world. It's where I met my husband! Although real estate now rules my world, I’m still very connected to my comedy community.

One of those very special souls is Wil Anderson. We sat down together the other day, to have a chat and this time he recorded it for his brilliant Wilosophy Podcast. Wil and I’ve known one another for 25+ years, meeting at the very beginning of our respective comedy careers. As always, when we get together the talk turns to all things comedy, ‘the good ol days’. We chat about kids, pets, and quelle surprise, real estate!

Wil’s done well. He was always destined to do well. A genuine, honest loving human with a heart as big Texas and an explosive laugh that hits you right in the chest. I love it. I love him. I know you’ll enjoy this chat.

You can subscribe to Wil’s patreon page here. You can hear him on MMM breakfast in the morning and watch him on the new season of Gruen returning to ABC TV soon. But, you already knew that.

Who am I? I'm a former comedian (it's ike being a former virgin), a writer, actress, producer, mother, pluviophile, Prinny. I'm Wil's friend. I'm a real estate agent. A Buyer's Agent. A property advocate. 

Visit my company's website here at Lush Real Estate Advocacy. Then, call me. Let's go buy some houses!

Enjoy the chat!

fahey x 

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