Alphonso The Room Temperature Pony

Q & A


Care to introduce yourself?

Hello there!  Hello boys and girls.



My name is Alphonso, I'm a lovely little bay pony and I come to you (as always) via the magic of puppetry!


Can we please enquire as to the current state of the temperature?


Why certainly!  The weather is lovely now, I'll wager.  And judging by my thermometer I'm pleased to report it's a pleasant 22 degrees. That's room temperature and so am I.


What if it isn't 22 degrees when I'm reading this?

Well then, I'm afraid I'm going to have to call you liar.  A flithy pony-liar-to.  Does that get you steamed under the collar?  I thought so.  NOW it's a pleasant 22 degrees, isn't it?

Well, thanks for your time.  We'll check in with you a little later on and maybe we can see how you load on to a float?


Ha ha, I know.  No pigrooting!  Goodbye boys and girls.